NCIS Season 10 Review “Hit and Run” – Little Abby is Just as Cool as Big Abby

NCIS Season 10 Episode 13 Hit and Run

In this episode of NCIS, called “Hit and Run,” the team comes across a case that reminds Abby of the very first time she tried to solve a mystery with forensics, and how it didn’t turn out the way that she wanted.

What can I say about this episode except that it was wonderful and brilliant and lovely and probably a ton more adjectives that I could list on and on forever? First up, let’s talk about the extremely talented actress who played little Abby, Brighton Sharbino. I remember hearing that she and Pauley hung out before and during filming so that Brighton could pick up Pauley’s mannerisms and boy, did she do just that. She completely embodied the role of little Abby and I really hope this isn’t the last time we’ll see her.

Then there was the story itself. It’s wasn’t really all that exciting when you think about it; an accident leading to a little girl not getting the chance to see her grandfather again. What made it great was how Abby reacted to it. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Abby is the heart of the show and this episode proved that more than ever. Other children may have walked away from that situation, heck even some adults would have for that matter, but Abby kept with it. She kept trying her darndest to make everything okay, to make everyone happy and even as an adult it hurt her that she couldn’t.

Finally, I loved the way that Gibbs and McGee were both there for Abby in their own special ways. It was a lovely way to show us again how close she is with both of them. The scene where Gibbs and McGee were talking in Abby’s lab is now one of my favorites, along with the final scene with Abby and Gibbs. All along I assumed that the title of the episode referred to the current case; never in a million years did I guess that would actually turn out to be a beautiful sentiment from Gibbs about the day he and Abby met.

I could seriously talk about this episode all day, but I’ll leave off there. Suffice to say that it has become another favorite.

My favorite bits..

Tony and McGee talking about Ziva before she walked up.

Abby telling McGee that he was the most helpful person with clipboard-y situations.

Meeting not only Little Abby, but Little Luca as well. Too cute.

Abby refusing to talk about it with McGee? Oh boy, this is serious.

“Who is this Jenkins and why does he do such horrible things?”

Tony reassuring Gibbs that he loved all canine beings.

Gibbs clarifying that he wanted Ducky to start at the beginning of their current case, not of all car accidents.

“She’s acting a bit strange.”
“…or should I say stranger than usual.”

Abby answering that she was okay, even before Gibbs had asked.

“Surprises are the best. Because your eyes pop out and you can see the world better.”

Little Abby figuring out how to read the name on the bear with water and a bottle. Nice to know she was always a genius.

McGee blatantly ignoring Tony acting like an idiot when he walked into the squad room.

“Boss, what do you think? You take the Hatfield I take the McCoy.”

Another “Ziver”! Yay!

Abby snapping at Gibbs? WHOA.

Little Abby trying to give the bear back to the little girl, and finding out there was a family feud.

“You have a bushy tail this morning.”
“Thank you for noticing.” – Haha! Another great Ziva-ism.

McGee telling Gibbs that the Mass Spac was very loyal.

Poor Tony and Ziva trying to enter the evidence on their own.

“My father dies and all of a sudden you can’t talk to me about dead puppets?”

Loving Tony in yet another awesome sweater. He’s had some nice ones this season.

The way Gibbs asked McGee “What did you do?”

“I don’t think he likes me.”
“He say something to you, McGee?”

Aw, Abby still has her “Abby’s Lab for Dummies” book.

“Abby, she’s the only one who can call you a dummy and make you feel like you’ve won something at the same time.”

That was the sweetest scene ever between Gibbs and McGee.

Gibbs telling McGee to find Abby and make sure she’s okay.

Abby breaking down when she told McGee that all she wanted to do was go back to being happy.

“If the bad outweighs the good, then that means I’m not enough.” – And now I want to give her one of her world-famous hugs.

“I found an aluminum friend in your dumpster that begs to differ.”

Little Abby leaving the bunny for Ricki. So sweet.

“Looks like you got the most important part.”
“That’s what my mom said.”

Gibbs explaining that Abby hadn’t been counting her good hit-and-runs.

Gibbs pulling out the fortune from the cookie Abby gave him. Yep, that’s when I started crying.

“The things you do mean something to people.”

Little Luca reminding Little Abby that Ricki wouldn’t forget the rabbit.

And then the fortune…..that did me in completely.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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