Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Lovesick Blues” – Strawberry Season Strikes Again

The plague struck Bluebell in “Lovesick Blues,” this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, and despite voting to put themselves under quarantine, the town was ravaged by it. Magnolia didn’t even get to throw her wild party!

She can blame Wade; he brought the flu into town after sneaking past quarantine because his ex-girlfriend tried to jump him after their old band had a reunion gig. Because he didn’t want Zoe to take care of him, he infected almost the entire town, eventually including Zoe herself, which led to him having to take care of her. They are really selling me on Wade and Zoe these days, maybe because they’re going out of their way to turn George into less of a romantic lead and more of a wacky townsperson who happens to be really good looking.

When Lavon wanted a commercial to advertise Bluebell’s strawberry season, George jumped right in, playing Howard Hughes to surprising success given that most of his cast came down with the flu and Annabelle, his lead, quit halfway through because she was getting too close to Lavon and she didn’t want to hurt Lemon. Fortunately, Lemon spent the episode fretting over taking things to the next level with her dentist friend, who turned out to be perfect because when she got sick, he happily took care of her.

Boosted by Lemon being happy with a new guy, Annabelle went for it with the mayor in a big way. Of course, when she finds out, Lemon is going to blow a gasket because she’s terrible at the whole sharing thing, but at least for now Annabelle and Lavon get to be happy.

In fact, everyone seems to be happy, which considering the tone of this show is a good thing. I guess. I liked tonight’s episode, but I preferred last week’s when there was a little more conflict. Although, this week there was some medical stuff, which if you’ll recall I was complaining about last week. I guess it’s true; you can’t have it all.

Unless you’re that kid eating the strawberry pies.

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