Being Human Season 3 Review “The Teens They are a Changin’”

Being Human (Syfy) Season 3 Episode 3 "The Teens They Are a Changin (2)

On this week’s “Being Human,” things started on an ominous note that ended up being somewhat misleading, as the prologue of “The Teens They are a Changin’” began with the twins’ papa on the warpath, with vengeance clearly in his eyes. He made it pretty clear to an understandably shaken Nora that he was going to be getting to the bottom of things about Brynn’s disappearance-if you want to call it that, as Nora well knows- sooner than later, and then…we fast-forwarded three weeks, and aside from a mention to Josh about what happened while she was off with pops, that was it for this episode on that particular subject matter.

No matter, really, as that is the stuff of which entire episodes are built around, and no doubt will be soon enough in the future. Still, for shame with the fake-out, “Being Human” prologue. Instead, we mostly focused on a different werewolf- this one a new recruit that may or may not have been the result of Nora and Pops’ lost weekend together. The newbie was named Erin, and she was a troubled teen with a capital “T”- 57 Foster Homes in 32 Days, you know the drill.

Knowing how she felt, Nora took the not-so-innocent tyke under her wing- or paw or whatever- and she and Josh laid out Erin’s future for her. Understandably, she was more than a little dubious at first until the two showed them live nude footage of Josh wolfing out back in the day, which certainly got her attention. Nora promised to watch out for her the first time around, and things did not go very well at first, but thankfully, Erin had bonded with her just enough to back off of Josh when Nora confronted her in wolf form and calmed her down. Josh came this close to blowing her head off, but Nora managed the situation nicely, so there may be hope for Erin yet.

Meanwhile, Sally continued to suffer the repercussions of her unintentional kiss of death on Trent last week. How does one make up for accidentally killing someone? Trent finally offered up a suggestion- Sally needed to check up on his fiancée and make sure she knew the truth, so that she could move on without blaming herself too much. With the help of possible future love interest Max, the funeral director (or possibly mortician) in charge of Trent’s funeral, Sally was able to get a moment alone with the woman in question without potentially drawing the attention of other people Sally knew, thus endangering their lives as well.

Unfortunately for Trent, it turns out his fiancée was an even bigger cheater than he was, having been engaged in an affair for a year, so that did not do much to help Trent rest in peace, much less lead to his Door to Another Dimension. He tells Sally to get lost and to never darken his door again, and vanishes. Next thing you know, a Door appears, and it’s go time. As if Trent didn’t have it rough enough, the Door in question proves to be a fake, leading to the witch’s magical soup kitchen.

Clearly surprised that it took this long, she wastes no time in taking poor Trent out, basking in his essence or whatever, which appears to have the effect of making her younger, or perhaps just makes for a nice facial and cleans those nasty blemishes up quite nicely. Whatever the case, if you didn’t think she had an evil plot in the works previously, it was made pretty clear that she did this week.

Last but not least, it was rough times for poppa Aidan, who was suffering through some serious blood withdrawal in light of the vampire virus that’s making the rounds. Desperate for a clean source, he hits up Josh for names from the hospital, which he reluctantly agrees to, proffering a name to Aidan. Aidan promises to “catch and release” (!) but son Henry is not as willful, and loses it, forcing Aidan to intervene. Even worse, Henry caves and feeds on someone, only to catch the virus himself. Towards the end, he walks off alone, potentially saying goodbye to Papa Aidan for the last time. It was a melancholy, touching scene, the kind the show excels in its quieter moments. I thought it would have been neat if it had shown Henry crumbling into dust as he walks away, but maybe they have some other fate in mind for him in a future episode. A cure, perhaps?

So, what did you think of the latest developments on “Being Human”? Did Trent draw the short stick or what? What about Erin– love her or kinda annoyed by her? (I thought she was cute, but a little went a long way.) Sad to see Henry go off into the, um, twilight? How long do you think it will be before Josh starts to really feel left out of the Supernatural Squad in earnest? And what’s up with the Witchy Woman? (Also, is that Katherine Isabelle under that make-up? lists her as being on the show, but I did not see her that I was aware of…let me know if you know, because inquiring minds want to know and all that.)

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