House of Lies Season 2 Review “Man-Date”

House of Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Man-date (1)

After Marty and the gang failed to seal the deal with their potential client on last week’s “House of Lies,” it was up to Marty and Clyde to finesse a deal with the Dushkin Twins, aka the “Douche Bag Twins” on this week’s episode, “Man-date.” Of course, the title was a double meaning, with it both being a mandate to land the new deal to make up for the lost one and because the gang knew it would require a “man-date” to pull it off. To that end, it was up to Marty and Clyde to prove that they could hang with the, um, douche bags.

At first, it looked like they’d got themselves into more than they’d bargained for, when the boys brought out the big guns…literally. As in Uzis. Fortunately for Marty and Clyde, the guns were big old fakes- actually shot-delivery devices for their bar which they sold for a ridiculous mark-up price to gullible customers for an easy profit. Pretty neat, to be honest. But yeah, these two guys are world-class D-bags, to be sure.

In no time, it’s hotel orgies and naked hall shenanigans and the like as Marty and Clyde do their best to keep up. It was pretty hilarious to see a fully-dressed Clyde try to bang a hooker on a moving treadmill if I do say so myself. (BTW, saw you there, longtime Skinemax-vixen Christine Nguyen!) Bonus points for the look on Marty’s face when one of the Twins slapped his ass during sex. Cut to the next day, and the boys seal the deal…to get a meeting with the “real” money man, Carlson, at least.

That meeting doesn’t go as planned, with the none-too-impressed Carlton barely giving the gang the time of day, but ultimately at least giving them a chance. The bottom line: go big or go home. No results, no big paycheck. They work on their own dime, and if he’s impressed enough, they’ll win big on the back end- the rest is up to the pod.

Personally, as much as I want to root for the gang, I’m still glad someone finally said what I’ve been thinking this whole time: when is someone going to call these people on their unrelenting BS? Carlton did, and if he was crazy rude in the process, well, as the potential boss that’s his prerogative. Besides, it’s his money- they should have to prove their worth.

Meanwhile, Jeannie and newbie Tamara had their inevitable showdown after last week’s dust-up when she basically lost them the deal with their initial client. Reassuring her that she has no interest in Marty and that he was “all her’s,” Jeannie wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or even more ticked off. I don’t think she’s after Marty, either, but I think there’s some clear history there, and Tamara was clearly hedging some of that close to her chest. Time will tell, but it’s hard to imagine Jeannie and Marty as a couple anyway, so I’m not completely adverse to him and Tamara hooking up- especially what with the drama that it will cause on the show.

Speaking of which, I’m not entirely sure what to make of the whole Doug the Gugg goes to the massage parlor thing. So, are they trying to suggest that he’s a closeted gay, or is it more of a “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”-sort of thing? If the former, that could be interesting, too. If not, that was a pretty wacked massage parlor to go from zero-to-60 like that and back again. That’s a hell of a thing to sneak up on someone!

Then there’s the business with Monica, Marty’s ex. Though she certainly won’t win any points for mother of the year by any stretch, it always makes me sad to see a beautiful woman with such a raging D-bag as Sebastian (Mercer Boffey, which totally sounds like a hipster D-bag, doesn’t it?).

Still, I had to laugh when she tore him a new one and he proclaimed: “I just got harder- God, I love angry chicks.” It’s a wonder she didn’t punch the guy in the penis. No wonder she made with the lesbian move inside with her nutritionist/nanny/whatever, though to be honest, I thought that was already happening. Now it seems more like it was a one-sided thing on the latter’s part, and I suspect, just a phase for the former. Monica strikes me as an “any port in a storm” kinda gal.

On the plus side, she seems to be winning points with Roscoe, scoring with make-up tips and like-minded goodies to the fashion-forward young man. Roscoe is a really unique and fascinating character. The only one I can think of that comes close to his type on TV before was Ugly Betty’s little brother.

All in all, a pretty solid episode of “House of Lies,” with some, shall we say, broad humor. To be honest, it wasn’t as funny or outrageous as it clearly thought it was being, but it definitely had its moments, most of them non-shock oriented, such as the muted-but-tense meeting of the minds between both Tamara and Jeannie and the pod with Carlson. Those scenes alone were worth the price of admission. Factor in all the Monica goodness, and it was all pretty worthwhile on the whole.

What did you think of “House of Lies” this week? Was it all too much, or way too little? Should they have taken it down a notch or raised the bar more? Have Jeannie and Tamara not yet begun to fight? Let me know in the comments!