Deception Season 1 Review “One, Two, Three…One, Two, Three ” – Who Did What?

Deception (NBC) Episode 4 One, Two, Three...One, Two, Three (12)

Talk about twists and turns, am I right? I know Edward is back on top as the prime suspect, but it’s not like Julian is out of the woods, either. Crazy times. Where do I begin? Well, I guess I’ll begin with the lesser of the storylines:

Kyle and Mia: I don’t know what to make of Kyle. I can’t tell who’s side he’s playing on, and I guess that’s a good thing. We do need to keep the show going on, after all. I do like how Sofia put him in his place, though; I believe her when she says she’s going to eat his heart. We don’t exactly know everything this family is capable of. I liked the scene for another reason; Katherine LaNasa is a trained dancer and choreographer, so it was fun to see her in her element.

Deception (NBC) Episode 4 One, Two, Three...One, Two, Three (2)

Is Edward a killer? All signs, sadly, point to yes. I do like how the slow reveal has made us come from hating Edward to feeling sad and sorry for him. While I do think Julian holds a lot of keys to the puzzle of who killed Vivian, I think Edward really holds the master key. I bet whatever happened to Vivian in some shape or form connects to Kimberly Yeager. I also think Robert is trying to make Edward think that he killed Kimberly. Now hear me out, before you jump on me!

The one thing that makes me suspect Edward did not kill Kimberly is the fact that Robert makes it a point not to flat-out say “Yes” or “No.” At first glance, it could be to protect Edward from the truth. But, seeing how he punched Haverstock and takes care of business without others knowing, something leads me to think that Robert was behind Kimberly’s death in the first place. Keeping the whole thing vague to Edward is a way to keep Edward under his thumb. Edward is Robert’s favorite as well as his most powerful son; he’ll do anything he can to keep him.

Julian: Technically, Julian didn’t kill Vivian. But I don’t really buy that this is the end of the story. I can’t really put my finger on it right now, but even though he’s cleared, I feel like he still did something that lead up to Vivian’s death. I just don’t have enough clues right now. That’s the maddening thing–I don’t have enough clues! That’s the way to keep people hooked for sure, but they’re holding clues closer to the chest than I even expected. I’m a little bit thrilled at how secretive the show has been thus far, only handing out crumbs when you need it.

Deception (NBC) Episode 4 One, Two, Three...One, Two, Three (5)

Joanna and Will: I think the one thing I’m less-than-thrilled by is Will and Joanna’s relationship. I guess I’m just used to shows setting up that two people are supposed to be together and then we watch them come together over the course of a few seasons, but I think having them together already is a little bit problematic for me. It feels like something’s already solved, which is a little bit weird seeing how there are so many loose ends.

Once again, I can’t imagine what challenges and trials the next episode will bring. I know it’ll involve the fallout surrounding Ben Preswick’s decision to give Edward a concussion and steal his car in revenge, but I do have to bring up one thing that’s been biting at me during several episodes: Does the maid have to be Mammy-esque? I mean, how come the stereotypical heavy-set black maid is still a character that gets cast in 2013? To be blunt, I really hate that.