Bones Season 8 Review “The Twist in the Plot” – Booth Creates a Special Message

Bones Season 8 Episode 13 The Twist in the Plot

In this episode of Bones, called “The Twist in the Plot,” the discovery of two bodies in the same burial plot has a few people contemplating their eventual demise.

Man, this show is good. Throughout the whole episode, I was ready to label it as another one of their “cute and funny” installments. Sure, there was death but there’s always death on this show and it’s usually handled in a very light way. But then they pulled out two poignant scenes in the end and managed to catch me off guard.

I wasn’t all that happy to see that Daisy was back at first. I feel protective of Sweets and it seems like he’s still struggling to get over that breakup. The last thing I wanted was to see him get hurt again and I thought if they got back together, that would happen. But it turns out I needn’t have worried, and I never expected to actually feel for Daisy in the end. Not that I used to dislike her, but this time I just didn’t want her around. Cam advising Daisy to grieve her relationship with Sweets was so (forgive the pun) sweet that I couldn’t help but to feel for her.

Then, they really got me with that final scene and Booth talking to Christine on the camera. Everything he said to her, from telling her that if they’d had a fight, he wanted her to forget it, to telling her to explore and finally telling her to take care of her mom – it all killed me. If anyone got through that scene with a dry eye, then you are made of stronger stuff than I, because I didn’t make it.

While this episode wasn’t nearly as heavy as last week’s, it still had a very strong message and I don’t think I’ll be classifying it as just a “cute and funny” episode from now on.

My favorite bits..

Ahh! Ick! Yuck! Bugs!

“Doesn’t take a shrink to figure that out.”
“Standing right here, guys.”

Booth and Brennan hoping that Sweets wouldn’t leave before revealing the secret of how he made such good coffee.

“It’s kind of hard to bring home a woman when you’re sleeping on Wolverine sheets.” – I dunno about that. Depends on the woman, doesn’t it?

“Don’t Hamlet me.”

Green burials? Okay now I’ve heard of everything.

Finding out that Hodgins wants to be launched into the sun when he dies. Why does that not surprise me?

Wait. This guys doesn’t know what desecrated means? Seriously?

Death doula? Okay NOW I’ve heard of everything.

“My last and will testament is 312 pages long.”

“Mine’s written on a sticky note: Everything goes to Bones.”

Yay! It’s Lester! Oh wait, wrong show.

Brennan comforting Akshay.

“Thank God, because there’s nothing more painful than watching an ex-couple do the awkward dance.”

Awkward conversation between Daisy and Sweets is awkward.

“Right, so you accidentally smashed her in the face?”

“Bones there’s got to be other types of….”
“Yes, tantric sex.”
“Okay, carry on.”

I know everything keeps pointing to him, but I’m not buying that it was Akshay behind the murder.

“You’re not mad at your beetles, are you?”
“No. Maybe a little disappointed.”

Cam’s story about the woman scratching at her coffin. Ahhh!

Hodgins calmly announcing that he needed the coffee grinder to chop up his little beetle friends.

“You’ll be replacing the coffee grinder with a new one, yes?”

Booth not letting Sweets finish his thought about whatever he was considering after seeing Daisy.

LOVING the dress that Daisy is wearing at the coffee shop. Too cute

“My beetles are bingers.”

“Vultures and hammers? That’s your last message to world? To me? To Christine?”

“As a scientist, have you ever seen anything come back to life and be as good as it ever was?”

Cam telling Daisy that she needed to cry and grieve over what she lost so that she could move forward.

“And stop copying Dr. Brennan, it’s a little creepy.”

Booth’s message to Christine. I wasn’t expecting that moment at all and it completely tore me up. Nicely played, show. Nicely played.

Brennan jumping in and hugging Booth.

“I find that, despite my best efforts, you exert undue influence on my behavior.”

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!