90210 Season 5 Review “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore” – Sucks to Be Around Annie

Remember when Annie rolled into Beverly Hills five years ago and accidentally messed up everyone’s lives? Well, she did the exact same thing in her subconscious in “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore,” this week’s episode of 90210.

Yep, while undergoing surgery to repair the gunshot wound she got last week while rescuing Liam, Annie had a crazy, slightly over-the-rainbow dream about what would have happened if she’d never left Kansas. She was certain everyone, especially Liam, would have been better off without her, but as it turned out, they really weren’t. It just took a visit from Annie the Destroyer to make them realize it.

I always love episodes that take place in an alternate reality (Buffy’s “The Wish” tops my list for best AU ever), because it’s so much fun to see the characters we know put into sometimes drastically different circumstances. That being said, this episode lacked the emotion that could have put it on that list. The whole thing just fell flat, perhaps because of Dixon’s ridiculously large sunglasses and Chris Brown ‘tude.

Without Annie, Naomi had to become a nice person because no one stopped Jen from wiping out her trust fund and she ended up having to sell houses and actually attend her classes. Teddy stayed in the closet. Silver became a bitchy gossip blogger. Liam got into gambling and drug dealing. Dixon became the world’s most cliched rapper. And Adrianna turned into Lindsay Lohan. Which was pretty much what she did in the real world.

After outing Dixon as the adopted son of a white, mid-western family instead of a gangster from the hood (who would have thought he could get more annoying), and accidentally aiding in Liam getting arrested, Annie decided to fix her strange little dream world by bringing all of her friends together, so they could magically work out years of issues. Sure, it worked, but let’s remember that it all happened in Annie’s mind!! You know, the land of show tunes and sunshine where everyone is honest and good and sleeping with men for money only makes you a whore if people find out about it.

Back in the real world, hearing about her dream-counterpart made Silver reconsider forging Teddy’s name on the donor release forms, but thanks to a paperwork mix-up, he found out what she did before she could fix her mistake. The rift between them just turned into a canyon.

Speaking of rifts, Naomi figured out that Max lied about going to Iceland when she went to his parents house and found him chilling out. What is up with that? Is this a couple we want to see stay together or are you ready for her to move on to more muscular pastures?

And will someone please require mandatory therapy for anyone who is kidnapped and held captive by a crazy stalker? Liam’s PSTD is already showing through, and the reason I can’t get behind this group being such great friends is that it will probably take him totally going off the deep end for anyone to notice he wasn’t telling the truth about being all right after his ordeal.

By the way, whatever happened to Austin? Remember him?

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  • Season 5 90210 is awful. The writers are terrible. I only watch as I hope it gets better, Bring in some new characters. Keep Liam, Adrianna and Naomi but everyone else must go they are so annoying. Why they would dump Ivy and keep Dixon is beyond me. I like Annie better when she was a hooker.

  • Johnny

    It is the worst episode of any show i have ever watched