Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”

“Broadcast Wagstaff School News” made poop headline news at the Belcher kids’ school, and with Tina looking to break the big story, the Belchers all hopped right onto the poop-train. Bob’s Burgers has a special place in its heart for poop humor. I suspect that if there wasn’t at least one poop, butt, or fart joke thrown into the mix every now and then, it might feel like a member of the Belcher family was missing. Three out of five Belchers are between the ages of 9 and 13, so it’s no surprise that jokes of a fecal nature are particularly amusing to them.

Tina’s ambition to join the school news team was so sincere that I was actually rooting for everything to go exactly the way she hoped it would. With Tina’s track record in mind, I knew that there was no way that Tina’s dream of bringing relevant news to her peers would be anything but a total mess, but there was a part of me that would have been totally satisfied with the story if Tina had nailed the audition and become the anchor like she had originally hoped.

It didn’t go quite as she had planned, but leave it to Tina to not even notice adversity or rejection when it’s staring her in the face. We got a good laugh out of her embarrassing audition and subsequent attempts to stay involved in the newsroom, but it was only because Tina never really felt bad for herself, despite Tammy’s attempts to rub it in her face. Instead, Tina felt sorry for the student body who she believed would be deprived of real, hard-hitting news.

After some encouragement and assistance from Louise, Tina got her own news act together and it completely took off. Without a hint of irony or sarcasm, the entire school was captivated by Tina’s serious reporting on the Mad Pooper mystery. Tina’s poop coverage was absurd, but it was awesome to see her getting a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Of course, taking Tina to a new high of emotional security and success made the sting of the News Team’s sabotage all the more frustrating.

The truth about the Mad Pooper came out after Tina was determined to clear her name at the school’s anti-smoking devil stick rally. I can’t really explain why I was sort of touched by Zeke’s confession that he was – for at least a short time – acting out as the Mad Pooper for Tina’s sake. Normally, mystery poop wouldn’t be the kind of note I’d want to receive from an admirer, but hey, Tina has seen messages of love in poop before, so maybe he was moving in the right direction.

While Tina was exploring a possible future in journalism, Gene was exploring his inevitable future as the genetic offspring of Bob. With Louise’s help, Gene was able to fast forward thirty years and live life as Lil Bob. Although there probably wasn’t enough of a plot to make this an actual b-story, this whole bit was absolutely hysterical on every level.

Just seeing Gene with a comb over, glued on arm hair, and a mustache made me laugh out loud, but when he started obnoxiously imitating Bob to the point of driving Bob crazy, charming Linda, and schmoozing with Teddy at the restaurant, I completely lost it. Gene as the annoying mini-Bob definitely takes the top spot for most hilarious Gene scenes on this season of Bob’s Burgers, if not the best Gene scenes overall on Bob’s Burgers thus far.

Favorite lines of the night:

Linda: You’re going to look even better on camera. You inherited my strong chin.
Tina: Where’s your strong chin?
Linda: Keep looking, you’ll find it.

Tina: The custodian says someone is tracking in dog poo. What the uuuuuuuuuhhhh???

Tammy: Jimmy Pesto Jr. previews dance moves that the principal wont allow at winter prom.
Jimmy Jr: This is out. Can’t do this. Forget this one.
Tina: I love it. But, it’s not news.

Gene: I forgot I went through a Judd Nelson phase.

Bob: This is incredibly insulting.
Gene: Think about how I feel – you really let myself go!

Bob: Stop following me!
Gene: Stop following me in front!

Gene: My message to the Mad Pooper is, “grow up!” I did.

Custodian: Poop on me once, shame on you. Poop on me twice, we’re not best friends anymore.