Nikita Season 3 Review “Aftermath”

If you thought last week’s hand chopping was all a big joke, bad news, because Michael is now partially bionic, and not feeling overly chatty about it. This week’s Nikita, ‘Aftermath’, thus does what it says on the tin, with Michael suppressing his feelings about losing his right hand. Anyone would be shocked and upset, but a Division agent doesn’t have time to wallow in the same way the rest of us might.

It’s brave for a show about secret agents to chop of one of its regular characters’ hands and, other than Nikita or Alex, Michael is the most important person to the audience. It affects our heroine directly, of course, since she’s seen here scrambling for some crumb of comfort she can give her fiancé. They’re soldiers, and one has been hurt in the line of duty, but that doesn’t make the situation any less crappy. It was nice to hear Nikita bring up how repressed his feelings for his dead family became in the past.

Michael isn’t the best at dealing with his feelings healthily, and his resolution to continue in his duty nearly loses them the week’s mission. Meanwhile, Alex’s mental health issues are being dealt with properly, taking her out of the field and lending her meditation equipment to bring her blood pressure down. It’s a case of one rule for one, and another for the boss’s fiancé, and it’s clear that the problem with Michael can’t be solved with just a state of the art bionic hand.

We now know that it’s his feelings for Nikita that will trigger control over his new appendage, but it might be a while before he forgets her part in the tragedy and lets her back in. This season of Nikita has been exceptional at times, and now this added emotional element has brought things even tighter. I think we could all do with the Amanda story being over, and I foresee a massive act of revenge after these events, but now the relationships and the missions have been complicated in all the best ways. I can’t wait to see how things pan out now that things have become all that more difficult, and so far this brave move is a positive one.

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