The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Catch Me If You Can”

‘Catch Me If You Can’ saw The Vampire Diaries continuing on from last week’s episode, allowing us to see hunter!Jeremy in action. Sort of. With Matt’s life threatened, Jeremy (and then Elena) hurry to get him to safety. Jeremy does have a second shot at killing the vampires Klaus turned, but someone else gets there first: Kol. Finding the vampirism cure means finding Silas — who is buried with it — and Kol isn’t too happy about potentially unleashing someone powerful enough to kill the Originals.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Stefan have teamed up to find the neccessary equipment to find Silas and the cure. Klaus — or as Rebekah puts it in very fandom-y terms, ‘Team Klaus’ — is trying to achieve the same thing by growing Jeremy’s hunter’s mark. But then Rebekah finds someone trying to steal an important clue, someone who isn’t on either team — who or what is the third party trying to get the cure and/or uncover Silas?

Other characters on the show continued to take the stupid pills this week. After April talking to the Sheriff and Mayor Hopkins (which seemed to have been set up by Rebekah), Prof Shane is arrested and questioned about the death of the council back in the first episode of the season. He’s not very forthcoming, so Bonnie decides to talk to him instead. Shane immediately tells her that he was involved in the council deaths, but it’s okay because Silas will raise the dead when he is brought back. He does all this while shielding his mouth from the videocamera in the room, because apparently videocameras in Mystic Falls don’t have audio recording capabilities? Who knows, and at this point, who cares?

Kol is shaping up to be a great interim bad guy. Unable to kill Jeremy himself — since he doesn’t want to be haunted by the hunter’s curse — he compels Damon to do it. He probably should have also compelled Damon to not tell anyone he’s compelled, which was a flaw in the plan, but his reasoning was sound. Stefan drained Damon of blood, leaving him weak and locked away in the Salvatore house.

Regarding the love triangle: Stefan put on his best ‘I’m over you’ face for Elena and she looked upset, and accused him of being upset. That’s okay though, because he kept his stoic — and dare I say it, slightly ripper-ish — face on long enough to get down and dirty with Rebekah at the end. I’m not always a fan of Rebekah but she was glorious this week, calling Elena a child who only thinks about herself. That might have been a little harsh, but it’s nice to have characters who genuinely don’t think Elena is the be-all and end-all of everything in Mystic Falls. Stefan is also a lot more interesting when he’s trading lines with Rebekah.

This episode was a lot better than last week’s in that it at least didn’t bore me to tears. It would be nice if some progress could be made towards finding the cure and/or Silas sometime soon though, because right now TVD seems to be flailing around, unsure where to go. This potential third group out to find the cure/Silas is just another attempt at escalating the plot yet again, and that particular tactic is getting old in this show very, very quickly.

There’s hope on the horizon with Elena’s plan to kill Kol and take out every vampire in his sire-line, although if we assume a lot of those vampires have ‘lives’ like Elena and co, won’t it be suspicious when they suddenly collapse and start decaying in random towns and cities all over the world? Now that would make this show truly interesting again, wouldn’t it?

What did you think of ‘Catch Me If You Can’, dear reader? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!