Suits Season 2 Review “Blood in the Water” – Harvey and Louis, Wolf and Sheepdog

Suits Season 2 Episode 12 Blood in the Water

In this episode of Suits, called “Blood in the Water,” Pearson and Hardman continues to suffer after-effects of kicking out one of the partners, causing both Harvey and Louis to react to the stress in the same way.

I had a lot of favorite scenes in this episode and one that I loved a lot was Louis taking care of Mike after he got beat up. First of all it proved once again that Louis is not just a cold-hearted bastard, and secondly it’s where Louis described his and Harvey’s relationship in the best way I’ve heard so far. That cartoon he mentioned, the one with Sam the sheepdog and Ralph the wolf, was one that I watched all the time as a kid. The two foes would meet on the battlefield every day, say good morning to each other like buddies, clock-in and then start fighting. Ralph would try to attack the sheep and Sam would stop him.

It’s hard to decide which of them is Ralph and which of them is Sam, probably because it changes all the time. If Louis is going after Mike, then Harvey definitely becomes Sam. But if Harvey tries to do anything to undermine the firm in Louis’ eyes, Louis can just as easily become Sam to protect his flock. It’s a symbiotic relationship and like I said above, one that perfectly describes these two characters. We can’t have Harvey and Louis being best friends all the time; that’s just not who they are. But two men who’ve agreed that they don’t always agree, who battle it out when necessary and then protect each other when necessary, is exactly who they are.

I also found it telling that, when things got stressful in both of their lives, Harvey and Louis reacted to the stress in the same way: by taking it out on their associates. They’d never admit it, but they are two sides of the same coin. The two other scenes I loved a lot in this episode showed how Harvey and Louis can get under each other’s skin: Harvey screaming at Louis and throwing things off of his desk, Harvey telling Louis in no uncertain terms that he didn’t exist at the firm, and finally Harvey simply tearing up Louis’ resignation (along with my heart). With scenes like those, I sure hope we have more episodes like this one coming the rest of this season.

My favorite bits..

Donna knowing exactly what had happened with Harvey after just one word.

The way Louis said “I swear to almighty GOD” made me giggle so hard.

Mike giving Harvey lip? So not a good idea.

“He deserved it.”
“He deserved a slap; you knocked him across the room.”

Harvey telling Donna what happened with Zoe. The way he laid his head back on his chair killed me.

“Screw Harvey, I mean what’s he done for you?”
“More than you know.”

Harold getting a shark tattoo…that looks like a manatee. That is so Harold.

“You’re fired.”
“You can’t fire Mike!” – I know it was mean, but that made me laugh so hard.

The fact that Harold has a Rubik’s cube.

Harvey and Donna working out how to woo all of their clients.

Louis detailing all the bone-headed things that Harold had done. My favorite was calling the judge “Your owner.”

“People don’t shoot at us, Louis.”
“Don’t they?”

Mike deciding not to take Louis up on his offer to watch over everything that Harold did. Whoa.

Donna defending Louis when Harvey thought Louis had been reporting to Allison Holt.

“Maybe Hardman wanted me dead, but you’re the one who got the gun, aimed it and fired it at my head!”

That scene between Harvey and Louis…..There. Are. No. Words.

“Pearson Hardman is my life.” – Dammit, when Louis cries, I cry.

“As far as I’m concerned, you don’t even work here anymore.”

Louis telling Allison that Harvey wanted him out and Harvey gets what he wants.

“I got Harvey’s message.”
“What message?” – Uh oh, Harvey might be in trouble.

Jessica admitting that she was once seduced by Daniel Hardman, too.

Jessica telling Louis that Hardman had been right about him deserving a senior partnership.

Yikes! Poor Mike. Guess he didn’t get his shit together quite fast enough.

Louis packing up his stuff. Ugh, my poor heart.

Louis not allowing Mike to get away without taking care of him first.

Mike offering Louis the tissues after he got all teary-eyed over Bruno. Aw.

Louis figuring out that Mike knew the guy who jumped him.

Louis describing him and Harvey as Ralph and Sam. OMG, I used to LOVE that cartoon.

Louis telling Mike that he couldn’t go to work every day with someone who despised him.

Jessica telling Harvey he was off his game.

“I’m fine.”
“You’re not. And after I’m finished kicking his ass, the guy who did this to you won’t be either.” – I LOVE me some protective Harvey.

Mike just mentioning Harvey’s mom and dad, and Harvey knowing immediately what he’d done.

Mike talking Jimmy into hiring Harold.

Harvey describing Mike as being loyal as a basset hound.

Harvey asking for his name on the door.

Jessica pointing out that Harvey’s gut served him well as a closer, but not a leader, then pointing out all the mistakes he’d made. Whoa.

Rachel continuing to prove that she wasn’t going to take Mike’s shit.

Harvey tearing up Louis’ resignation letter. A simple scene with no words and yet it had me bawling like a baby. Wow.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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