Beauty and the Beast season 1 review “Seeing Red”

The second half of Beauty and the Beast‘s first season is back with ‘Seeing Red’, which picks up directly after Cat’s car accident. Faced with his ‘beast’ identity being revealed to Evan, Vincent chooses to leave the injured Catherine and hide. Evan immediately rushes to her air, doing an emergency procedure which saves her life, before having her taken to hospital. There Vincent is faced with a blast from the past — his fiancee, Alex. Cat claims not to have seen Vincent when Alex asks, but Vincent himself later reveals all — or as much as he can — to Alex.

While looking into Alex, Cat discovers that Alex has been the victim of burglary and has told the police that her phones are being bugged and her emails read. They dismiss her as paranoid, but Cat comes to a different conclusion — Muirfield. She rushes to Alex’s apartment building and instead finds Alex being bothered by a lone man, who it is later discovered is a past patient of Alex’s. The man is infatuated with her — he kidnaps her at the hospital and it’s down to the injured Cat and Vincent to rescue her. Vincent does so — discovering a new ability, night vision, as he does — and shoots the man.

Also this week, Evan decided to ask a biologist for help with identifying the ‘new species’ he has found. He visits the author of a paper on hybrid species and proposes they team up. Who? JT.

I must admit I found this episode a bit of a slog to get through. Scenes seemed to run long, dialogue meandering all over the place and making conversations tiresome. We had three storylines at work here — Evan on the brink of discovering Vincent’s identity, Vincent and Alex, and Cat and Vincent — and they didn’t work together particularly well. I would have preferred a little more emphasis on Vincent for once, focussing on how he feels about Alex being back in his life and viewing this new development from his point of view.

Instead we had Cat looking more and more alarmed by his possible new love interest, right up until the last scene in which they had a heart to heart about their relationship. Problem is, they barely have one. Things seem to have gotten very serious, very quickly, without anything actually really happening between them, aside from one failed attempt at a date, the short time at the wedding reception, and a lot of meaningful glances during cases. Their relationship really needs to be beefed up a bit.

The really interesting character this week was Evan, even though we didn’t get to see much of him actually doing anything after he saved Cat. What does Evan think he’s found? What will he do once he’s looked further into its DNA? How will he go about finding it? But perhaps more importantly, will JT let him get that far? It’s unclear right now whether Evan would be a help to Vincent or a danger to him. The gang may want to get him on their side though, because if he’s as talented at his job as they say, and if he’s as talented an amateur detective as he seems to be, it surely can’t be long before Muirfield come calling to get Evan on their team, surely?

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