‘The Walking Dead’ New Midseason Trailers: “We’re Going To War.”

Rick is going to have a war on his hands when The Walking Dead roars back to life this February.

AMC has released two intense (and spoiler-heavy) new midseason trailers that focus on Rick and The Governor’s impending face-off. The first trailer hits a somber note as we see Rick dealing with both his son and Hershel giving him leadership advice as he attempts to prepare for the confrontation to come. Rick appears to be gathering what little information about The Governor that he can from the always stoic Michonne, who, when asked if The Governor is crazy, answers, “I think he’s dangerous.”

Just how dangerous The Governor will be now that he’s down one eye remains to be seen, but everyone is on edge in the second trailer. “We started something last night,” Rick says in what might be a contender for the understatement of the year. Check out the trailers below. Are you excited to see Rick and The Governor finally meet face to face, or are you dreading the sure to be bloody second half of the season?

Season three of The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 10th at 9pm ET on AMC.