Supernatural Season 8 Review “LARP and the Real Girl” – Forget Your Troubles in Moondoor

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 11 Larp and the Real Girl

In this episode of Supernatural, called “LARP and the Real Girl,” Sam and Dean once again find themselves in a land full of LARPers, this time in the world of the Renaissance.

After where we ended last week, and the absolute melancholy I felt as Sam and Dean both gave up important parts of their lives for the good of the cause, it was very nice to have a light episode as a follow-up. The whole theme of this episode was fun and when Dean asked Sam in the beginning if he remembered what fun was, it almost seemed like we the audience were being asked that question as well. As if we were being given permission to forget what has happened recently between the brothers and go ahead and have a good time.

So I did. I stepped into the world of Supernatural and through that, stepped through the gates of Moondoor. There I found a wondrous land full of meta, where the boys were more like old versions of themselves and not the two men we’ve seen in this season so far. It was a land where Dean got to wear chain mail and knee boots (yum), as well as a hilarious wig (haha!), and even Sam joined in the enjoyment at the end (loved his hair tied back, yum!).

Charlie was the best part of this episode though. I thought it was great how she and Dean kept bonding throughout the story. I realize now that she’s basically another version of Dean; the lesbian version that has the same taste in women and just as voracious an appetite for banging all the hotties she can. Charlie had some of the funniest lines in the episode, making me smile in anticipation every time she opened her mouth after a while.

The one bit of melancholy we had left over from the last episode played out in a very interesting way though. Dean kept talking about how hard it must be for Sam to get over what he gave up. He kept saying that he understood that Sam needed more time; heck, he even talked to Charlie about it. And while I know Dean was definitely thinking of his brother and worrying about Sam’s mental health, I also have to wonder if some of his words weren’t mean for himself. Because even after Sam acknowledged and thanked Dean for his concern, Dean kept on talking about it. It was almost as if he was half-hoping that someone would ask how HE was doing after giving up Benny.

My favorite bits..

“You remember fun, don’t you, Sammy?”

Sammy not appreciating it when Garth told him they’d been Garthed.

Dean acknowledging that Garth tracking hunters was a total Bobby move.

“So, anything missing from the body?”
“You mean, aside from the arms and legs?”

“Like I said, agents; it’s your world.” – Oh if he only knew how true that statement was.

Sam giving Dean the bitch face when Dean said Moondoor looked kind of awesome.

The boys discovering that Charlie was none other than The Queen of Moons herself.

The kid totally spotting that Sam and Dean were fake FBI agents.

“I love you.”
“I know.”

Charlie’s reaction to seeing Sam and Dean. “Oh, blerg,” was completely appropriate.

Charlie plopping the crown on Dean’s head. He looked so adorable in it, too.

Sam having to constantly pull Dean back from getting too involved in Moondoor.

“My point, which is usually yours, is that she should get somewhere safe and get back to a normal life.”

Charlie and Dean both guessing “the porn star?” when Sam said the victim was killed by Belladonna.

Dean’s happy look when Charlie said he was going to have to ditch his suit.

Having a hard time deciding if I like Dean better in his cowboy outfit or the chainmail. Either way, he looked hot.

“Are we still talking about Sam, or did you break up with someone too?” – Wow, what a perfect question.

“Out there, in the real world, you are a hero.”

Charlie inviting the sexy elf to her tent, “Anytime.”

Dean smacking the guy over the head and claiming if there were no laptops, then there was no Geneva Convention either.

Charlie calling Dean her handmaiden. Ha! Though now I’m picturing Dean in completely different attire.

“Nice outfit.”
“You love it.”

“Great costume, B. T. Dubs.”

“Wow, real magic. That is really cool, if not mostly terrifying.”

Wait, did Charlie just quote a Julia Roberts movie?

Dean pulling out his gun to start doing things the old-fashioned way. Funny how the gun made his costume that much hotter.

“This world — not so much with awesome.”

“Dudes, if the tens is rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.”

The boys’ guns disappearing with a flurry of feathers and a chicken cluck.

“Hey Gerry, I’m the one who saves the damsels-in-distress around here.”

The look on Dean’s face when Gilda and Charlie shared a goodbye kiss.

“Smell you later, bitches.”

Sam suggesting they both go have some fun.

Dean. In the wig and the face paint and the costume and doing the speech and…and…..*collapses into hysterical laughter*

Sam with his hair tied back and in the medieval attire. Whoa, looking pretty hot himself.

That final scene. Oh. My. God!

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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