Last Resort Season 1 Review “Controlled Flight Into Terrain”

Last Resort Finale "Controlled Flight Into Terrain" (1)

Well, here we are folks! The series finale of Last Resort; the sometimes exciting, sometimes a little boring, but all very bittersweet “Controlled Flight Into Terrain”. With only 43 minutes to conclude all of the outstanding storylines until this criminally underwatched show goes away forever, tonight’s installment had a lot of wrapping up to do. On top of having a full-blown mutiny on our hands, we still need to wrap up all of the drama in DC and find out what’s going on with Christine!

Thankfully, we get right to the latter storyline pretty quickly as we see Barry show up to pick up Christine, but then we don’t see anything else about that for the majority of the episode. Unfortunately, we transition instead into the boring DC stuff we’ve been dealing with all season. Now granted this was the most exciting the DC scenes have been all season, but it still pales in comparison to everything going on over on Sainte Marina.

Speaking of Sainte Marina, there was a lot going on. I wasn’t really a fan of Anders being the big arch villain in tonight’s finale. Anders was just some dude from an episode a few weeks ago that raped some chick, which doesn’t really work as a big bad guy. It’s not quite as satisfying as it would have been if the villain was somebody that we cared about, or even knew better, as a character. It’s kind of lame when your criminal mastermind is a face you barely recognize.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of…talking going on tonight. Now look, I definitely don’t have a problem with character development and dialogues, but there’s only one episode left of this show forever. Maybe if there was future episodes that Last Resort could enjoy then I wouldn’t mind all of the scenes between Chaplin. As it is, I kept looking at the clock while I watched this, wondering how they would possibly resolve everything in time!

The end was a little weird too. I get that they had to resolve as much as they could, being the series finale and all, but I would have appreciated the ending resolutions to be spaced out a little more. Instead, the final ten minutes shove Anders’ and Chaplins’ anticlimactic deaths, Sam and Christine’s tearful reunion, and everybody returning home all together.

I loved Last Resort. I’m going to miss this show for sure, but I just wish we at least had a full 22 episode season in which to wrap up these storylines. Tonight’s episode did feel quite a bit rushed, but I’m definitely happy how everybody ended up and I wish I had more of this great show to enjoy.

RIP Last Resort. I guess the great shows burn twice as bright for half as long.

Random Thoughts:

– They really haven’t given Andre Braugher much to do on this show in the way of action, but man did I love that shot of him crouching down the Colorado hallway holding that handgun!

– So I guess in the weeks that we haven’t seen, Anders has just been…running around the jungle and recruiting people for his mutiny?

– Where does Last Resort rank in the list of your favorite shows that were cancelled after one season?