Grey’s Anatomy “Walking On A Dream” Season 9 Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 Walking on a Dream (1)
On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the doctors and staff at Seattle Mercy Grace dealt with the fallout of the unexpected $90 million tab left in the hands of the hospital thanks to an insurance company loophole. Dr. Cahill, a “physician adviser,” arrived this week to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for the hospital to “trim the fat.”

As one would expect, Dr. Cahill did not have the sunniest personality, which only made her arrival to the hospital (and the show) that much more unpleasant. Cahill appeared to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder due to her past with Dr. Weber. I’m already not a Cahill fan but if we must put up with her, I hope that we will get more insight into what her grudge is against Weber.

As Owen hoped to keep the hospital afloat, the other doctors showed major signs of progress this week.
Derek moved one step closer to full recovery with a long, complicated surgery. Although she’s plagued by serious pregnancy hormones, Meredith made tremendous progress by getting on a plane to secure a liver for a patient in need of a transplant. It was great to see Owen help Arizona deal with her phantom limb sensations. Owen really needs a win.

Poor April, she just can’t catch a break. First she dealt with the devastation of failing her boards, after which she impulsively lost her virginity to Jackson. Her guilt over the decision ruined her relationship with Jackson and she had to watch him start a new “relationship” with Edwards. It couldn’t have helped matters when Kepner learned she was paired up with Jackson’s new play thing in trauma. Things appeared to be looking up for April, as the EMT asked her out for a coffee date. Of course, that was short-lived as Cahill announced that shutting down the ER would save the hospital. While the announcement was shocking to all, I’m sure April took it harder than anyone as the trauma attending.

Speaking of Cahill’s suggestion about shutting down the ER, the reaction to that announcement was shocking and the most engaging part of the episode. As Derek entered into a passionate McDreamy speech about why the ER is needed, Bailey cut him short and reminded everyone that jobs were in jeopardy and there are only a few people walking around with $15 million in the bank.

Overall, I enjoyed this week’s episode. It is good to see the crash survivors continue to make progress. I hope that Cahill’s presence will be short and sweet. I worry that her professional tension with Owen may develop into something personal – just as things between Owen and Christina are back on track.

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