CSI Season 13 Review “Double Fault” – Buona Fortuna, Hodges!

CSI Season 13 Episode 12 Double Fault (5)
If you were expecting any insight into the mystery phone call between Grissom and Sara that ended last week’s episode, you were no doubt let down by this week’s CSI, “Double Fault.” Sara didn’t even make an appearance this week, which I suppose could mean she’s off somewhere with her husband, working out their issues, but that’s the stuff of fan fiction, my friends.

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This week was all about the death of a rising tennis star. Oh, and Hodges’s impending marriage to an Italian model who might just want a green card. What? You’re far more interested in hearing more about that? But…the tennis player…such a terrible backstory…

Yeah, who am I kidding? Hodges is getting married. To a gorgeous Italian woman he met on vacation with his mother. And the INS thinks it’s all for a green card. Um…can you blame them, though? You’ve seen Hodges. Sure, he’s grown on us over the years, and he’s managed to catch the interest of two of the cutest women who have walked the halls of the crime lab, but he’s still Hodges.

I really would have liked to get some reactions to this news from people like Nick and Greg, but all we really got was DB and Morgan and Henry. Shock and awe. I expected it from the guys, but from Morgan, I wanted something else. Something akin to confusion. Maybe even jealousy that wasn’t totally hidden behind a mask of friendly concern. I just have to ask…have the writers completely forgotten that less than six episodes ago, Morgan and Hodges were kissing?!

Listen, I realize this isn’t a teen drama and that adults sometimes kiss without making a big deal about it, but consider how many meaningful kiss scenes between main characters we’ve had on this show in thirteen years. I can think of two, and Morgan/Hodges was one of them. All I’m saying is that I was absolutely shocked that the one question Morgan had for Hodges wasn’t, “Why did we kiss while you were in love and engaged to the Italian bird?”

Really, that’s not an unreasonable response. No one would think she was being clingy or asking too much of him. And when Hodges got all butt-hurt at the insinuation that a woman would only marry him for a green card, it would have been all right for Morgan to remind him that her lips were on his a few months back without the promise of citizenship. It just might show a little story arc and character consistency, which are things I feel have fallen by the way side lately.

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