White Collar Season 4 Review “Family Business” – Will His Dad’s Return Change Neal?

White Collar "Family Business" Season 4 Episode 11

In this episode of White Collar, called “Family Business,” Neal confronts his father about the past, while he and Peter work together to catch a criminal in the present with a connection to that past.

Well, from what we’ve seen in this episode, it looks to me like the rest of this season could end up being very serialized. In the past, Neal has had a storyline that involved something that he was after, some truth that he needed (such as his missing girlfriend), but now that thing (or in this case, the person) he wants is right at his fingertips. It makes me wonder if he’ll be able to concentrate on anything until it gets resolved. I mean can you see Neal running off to help Peter with random cases while his father is still in hiding?

Then again, this show has always been good at mixing in the crime-of-the-week with the background stories, so hopefully we will have moments where Peter and Neal get to do what they do best – solve crimes together. After all, we did get to see that in this episode, as they went after Flynn, Jr. As for all of the tension built up in the earlier part of the season, it seems like all of that was washed away the moment Neal told Peter that he trusted him to question his father because he would know all the right questions to ask.

As for Neal’s dad; on the one hand I’m happy that they were friendly by the end of this episode, and on the other hand I was sort of sad that the angst there was taken away so quickly. I suppose it’s still there in the form of Neal not being able to actually be with his father at the moment, but it’s still strange to think that his dad might end up in his life. I’m having a hard time imagining the Neal we know with a dad he gets to call on Father’s Day and spend holidays with. It almost doesn’t seem like he’ll be the same guy.

Either way, this episode has me very excited to see what will happen for the rest of this season. Even if I’m nervous about Neal changing on us, I’m still curious to see how this story will play out.

My favorite bits..

James telling his story to Neal.

Peter reaching for his holster when James reached for the paper in his pocket.

“You okay?”
“No, I’m not.” – That’s probably the understatement of the year.

“I have Google, too.” – The look on Peter’s face when Neal spit out those answers was classic.

“Of course you resume includes whiskey counterfeiting.”

“I must have lost my mind. I went to New Jersey of my own free will.”

Finding out that Mozzie and June play high stakes games of Candy Land.

Knowing that Neal was truly bombed when he giggled over Mozzie saying “Gaelic.”

“I don’t know whether to be mad or impressed that my own dad conned me.”

“Neal Caffrey hung over, didn’t think it was possible.” – Peter was enjoying Neal’s pain just a little too much.

Peter offering Neal pickle juice as a hangover cure. I’m not even hungover and I’m ready to barf.

Neal telling Peter that he wanted Peter to question his father because he knew he’d ask all the right questions. Wow.

Peter informing everyone that Neal would be fine because Elizabeth was armed with a very disapproving look. Uh oh, talk about a lethal weapon.

Peter and Diana’s matching impressed looks when Elizabeth stepped in to make Neal look legit.

Aw, Peter and Elizabeth taking Satchmo for a walk.

“I’ve found a new hobby.”
“Drinking is the opposite of a new hobby for you.”

Mozzie pointing out that maybe James tricked Neal to get to know him, and that it was something Neal himself would’ve done.

Elizabeth ratting out Peter as the pot roast cook, and spotting that both James and Neal were feeding it to Satchmo in the same way.

Neal pulling Mozzie in as his bottle maker.

“You do realize that I haven’t blown glass since before they faked Reagan’s death.”

“Oh, I’m gonna miss my eyebrows..along with my bangs.”

“Like riding a horse.”
“You’re allergic to horses.”

Neal accusing Peter of doing something dangerous after he himself just walked into Flynn’s office and stole a drink.

Peter’s smile when he saw that Neal had asked James to stay behind.

Peter finding out that Flynn was ready to kill Neal and Mozzie.

Neal and Mozzie making a bomb.

Peter taking down Flynn.

“I want you to be a part of my life.”
“Thank you.”

Neal hugging his father goodbye and flashing back to saying goodbye when he was a little boy. Oh man.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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