The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Hooking Up Is Hard”

The Mindy Project Episode 12 Hooking Up Is Hard

This week on “The Mindy Project,” Mindy’s project was to find a, um, shall we say, “Friend with Benefits”? I mean, really, it’s a F*Buddy, but it’s a TV show, so we have to play by certain rules, one of which being, you can talk about F*Buddies, you can feature a plotline that revolves around them, and you can teach pithy lessons about how they don’t ever, ever work, but you can’t actually say the terminology that best suits it in the first place. Just ask this movie and this one, all of which were released in the same freaking year!

But I digress. As Mindy was to discover, “Hooking Up is Hard.” Amen, sister. Although there are now plenty of websites for such things, Mindy understandably is deathly afraid of serial killers, to the point that she actually dresses like one after hours at the office in order to scare away the real thing, adopting the “too many cooks in the kitchen”-rule that says that a murderer will go elsewhere if another murderer is already about.

Danny, after screaming when he sees Mindy in a mask: “Why are you wearing that?”
Mindy: “Because I don’t want to get murdered!”
Danny: “That doesn’t clarify anything!”

Mindy is talking to Jeremy about the F*Buddy thing, with whom she attempted to have a casual-ish relationship with before, but ended up bailing on it because she found him so despicable. Jeremy is a font of bad information, but an eavesdropping Morgan isn’t having it.

Morgan: “You are too pure to be having a bunch of gross sex with randos!”
Jeremy disagrees: “The key is to find a man that you’re attracted to, but don’t respect and you can’t see a future with.”
Mindy: “Draco Malfoy!”
Jeremy: “Someone NOT fictitious.”

Shortly thereafter, she realizes the perfect mark: Dr. Brendan, whose holistic approach to medicine she finds inherently ridiculous, but whom she finally attractive on the surface. He doesn’t exactly dissuade her when she overhears this conversation, though clearly Danny is the overwhelming wacko in this exchange.

Danny, holding up a book on Tibetan methods to Mindy: “He (Brendan) gives me this healing anger book by some new age weirdo.”
Brendan: “I suppose some people would call the Dali Lama a new age weirdo. Chinese Communists, maybe?”

Mindy, decide to throw caution to the wind and solicits a one-night stand from Brendan. He agrees, but she has second thoughts, wondering aloud who will play her in the inevitable Lifetime movie if she is killed by Dr. Brendan on her video blog. She settles on Freida Pinto or a “young Halle Berry.” Not sure how that would work, but okay.

She meets with Brendan and things are awkward from the jump. He’s only half-dressed at the door, which knocks her for a loop. Then she goes to freshen up in the bathroom and is borderline assaulted by his automated shower system, walking back into his room dripping wet, and that is not a metaphor. In the meantime, Brendan decides a stirring rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” is in order, which does not endear him further to Mindy. She is about ready to bail, no doubt about it, when he says something so cheesy even she can’t believe it, after losing a contact.

Brendan: “Contacts are disposable. This night is not.”
Mindy: “Oh, God. Did you really just say that?”

Enter Morgan and Brendan’s roommate, almost as if on cue. Things only get more uncomfortable from there, and Mindy eventually ditches the situation altogether. I liked the random joke about Tina Fey, whose book Morgan had in his bag.

Mindy: “God, Morgan, why do you have a mannequin head and “Bossypants” in here?
Morgan: “I wanted to see how Tina Fey can juggle it all.”

When Mindy sees Brendan later, he tells her, not unconvincingly: “We are going to have sex…just so you know.” Mindy is game, all but attacking him. “Not now, in an elevator.”

Oh well, you can’t blame a girl for trying. Speaking of which, Danny is trying to do a little hooking up of his own with the one-eyed cutie he met in the emergency room last week, played by Allison Williams. It isn’t long before he realizes how little they have in common, in fact, it’s on the subway where she informs him they are going to see a group of guys perform a rendition of “The Golden Girls” TV show, replete with audience participation.

Danny bails, feigning a medical emergency, but she’s wise to him and confronts him back at the hospital. It seems he’s feeling his age, not helped by Mindy’s comment that she looks young enough to be his daughter. Danny confesses as much to her, but she isn’t fazed, so there may be hope for them, at least until Williams has to return to shooting “Girls.” We shall see.

All in all, a decent episode. My main complaint would be a lack of quotable lines, as evidenced by the slim pickings posted here. Still, these are becoming endearing enough characters that I don’t mind as much spending time with them even when they don’t bring the funny. Hopefully, though, this won’t become a recurring thing, because all exposition and no laughs could make “Mindy” a dull show.

What did you think? Do you think Mindy and Brendan would be a good couple? (I enjoyed seeing Mark Duplass and his brother Jay working together again.) Or do you think she’d do better with Jeremy, who at least she wouldn’t get too attached to? Or better yet, why not hook up with Danny, who seems better suited to her than she cares to admit? Let me know your opinion on the matter in the comments section!

  • Cosas

    ” find a man that you’re attracted to, but don’t respect and you can’t see a future with.”

    Then what does that mean about Mindy?

    • Mark Trammell

      Do you mean what does it say about her that she would want to have sex with a guy that she doesn’t respect or want to be with, or what does it say about the guy she’s with if they know she’s using them for sex? I’d say, if it’s the former, that’s sort of the whole point of the casual sex thing- but Mindy doesn’t really seem like the type to pull casual off, so I don’t see it happening. I think whoever she tries it with, she’s going to get attached to, no matter how unattracted she thinks she is. Sex tends to have that affect on people, especially women- though not all, by any means. Guys, on the other hand, there are plenty of guys willing to have casual sex with someone they don’t care about, aren’t the least bit interested in, and barely know, lol.