Private Practice “In Which We Say Goodbye” Series Finale Review

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 13 In Which We Say Goodbye (2)
Private Practice fans, the time has come to bid farewell to the series. Let’s review where we left our favorite doctors as the series came to an end . . .

Addison was a pretty busy woman this week. She got married, she played matchmaker and continued in her role as the voice of the show. After watching Addison spend time on both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice with quite a few Mr. Wrongs, it was nice to see her and Jake get married in the finale.

Charlotte, Cooper and the mini-Coops
It was business as usual for the newly expanded Freedman family. Cooper struggled at home with his Mr. Mom duties, while Mason was proving to be a great big brother. I think we can be assured that with the addition of a much-needed nanny, this family will be just fine.

Sarah Ramos, who portrays Haddie on Parenthood, guest starred in the Private Practice finale as a patient Violet had been counseling for six years. Indeed, six years or six seasons. Violet had been helping Holly cope with surviving an accident that killed her parents and boyfriend. Having been accepted to a school in Paris, Holly was not sure that she could move on and be okay without Violet’s constant counsel. As a tie-in to the end of the series after six seasons, Violet assured her patient (and viewers) that she would be just fine and that it was time for her to take the next steps in her journey.

Violet also moved forward with her new book, which she decided to call Private Practice. A moment that could have been too cheesy or too sweet was salvaged by the doctors erupting into disagreement as to whether or not that was a good name for the book. I thought it was a funny and appropriate way to close the series.

After flings with his ex-wife and several of his colleagues, Sheldon finally found true love with Miranda. This was, of course, bittersweet in light of Miranda’s terminal diagnosis. True to his character, Sheldon refused to allow Miranda to push him away and save him from the pain of witnessing her die from cancer. Although I’ve been hoping that Sheldon’s ending would be the happiest of them all, I’m glad he found the true love he deserved.

In a finale that managed to cram in not one, but two weddings, it would have been overkill to see Amelia walk down the isle. Based on the loving exchanges with James and his hint that their time would be soon, Private Practice viewers can be assured that Amelia was on a new journey with a great partner. Although I was disappointed in how under-utilized this character was this season, I’m glad to see her in such a great place at the close of the series.

Sam and Naomi???
This was easily the biggest shocker of the series finale. I was happy to learn that Audra McDonald was returning for the Private Practice finale. The series finale would not have felt complete without seeing her one last time and getting some insight as to how Naomi was doing. I never would have guessed in a million years that Naomi’s return would have culminated in a reunion with Sam.

I will grant Shonda Rhimes some creative license in the series finale, but the Naomi and Sam reunion required viewers to ignore most of what we’ve learned about Sam in the last few years. Indeed, Sam and Naomi kissed when the two were together to support Addison after her mother’s death. I guess that was a sign that there were still feelings between the two, despite the fact that Sam ultimately pledged his love to Addison and wanted to marry her. Don’t even get me started on Nurse Stephanie, for whom I thought Sam had developed serious feelings. Why even waste our time with that character?

What I struggled with the most was the unexpected pregnancy, thanks to a little “heavy petting” between the two at Addison and Jake’s wedding. Sam, who spent the greater part of an entire season saying he did not want any more children, is now expecting another child with his ex-wife. Oh well, it’s the series finale. I suppose anything is possible when you don’t have to worry about writing any more episodes.

And with that, Private Practice has come to an end. What did you think of the series finale? Sound off below!