Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “Magnus Opus”

Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 13 Magnum Opus

After last week’s gut-wrenching installment killed off Reid’s poor ladyfriend, Criminal Minds returned tonight with “Magnum Opus” as we see how Spencer’s handling this devastating loss. Well, as you might have expected, he is definitely not taking it very well.

Maeve’s death last week was definitely a polarizing move by the Criminal Minds writers, as my review for the installment is one of my most commented-on reviews ever. I would say the majority of my readers were decidedly unhappy with the decision to kill off Maeve, but I for one am excited at the prospect of seeing what kind of developments this will bring for Reid. Matthew Gray Gubler is a great actor, but he’s been mostly relegated on this show to being the fast-talking smart guy. I’m definitely thankful they’re giving him more to do here.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team makes their way to San Francisco to investigate an UnSub that’s draining his victim’s blood for his paintings. The UnSub, a disturbed artist named Bryan Hughes, wasn’t the most exciting baddie we’ve seen on this show by a long shot. He didn’t have that sense of conflict over the terrible things he was doing, but he didn’t revel in his depravity either. He just fell in the middle in the most vanilla way possible.

Thankfully Reid did end up joining the rest of the team in San Fran to save the day, and it was great to see him back in action! I’m glad they didn’t drag out the whole “Spencer in mourning” thing, especially considering we barely knew Maeve before she died. I was a bit disappointed that Hotch wasn’t more involved in the effort to make Spencer feel better considering he has experience in dealing with the death of a loved one while on the job. It was good to see the rest of the crew coming together to help him clean up his apartment, though. I’m glad you’re all better, Spence!

Random Thoughts:

– Spencer reading books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle reminds me to tell you all that you must watch BBC’s Sherlock, which for my money is the best interpretation of Sherlock Holmes since Doyle’s original novels. Both seasons are available on Netflix instant, and you MUST watch them as soon as you possibly can!

– I bet the Criminal Minds location managers are always excited when they get to shoot an episode in California. The show is always filmed in Los Angeles, but they usually have to pretend that they’re in locations all over the country. Now they can film a scene in front of Chinatown and it will actually make sense!

– I’ve often wondered about the newspaper articles that are featured on TV shows. You’re supposed to just glance at them for a second, but somebody has to type up an honest-to-goodness article in case somebody pauses their TV!