The Biggest Loser “Pay It Forward” Season 14 Review

The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 Episode 4 (9)
Fresh off the loss of another player on last week’s episode of The Biggest Loser, Alison arrives with the trainers and announced that three more people will be leaving the ranch that night? Gasp!

Of course, there was a typical Biggest Loser catch. The trainers were leaving the ranch for a week to visit the kids and train them at their homes. That is only a slight relief as everyone, understandably, has separation anxiety this early in the game. Bob, Dolvett and Jillian left their respective teams with their marching orders for the week and a promise to return in time for the Last Chance Workout. Hooray?

Bob goes off to visit Bingo and finds out that he is doing quite well. Even Bingo’s mom has gotten in on The Biggest Loser lifestyle change and lost a few pounds. Thankfully, a financial setback that forced the family to stay in a relative’s basement has not hampered their ability to keep their fridge stocked with healthy food. That is quite a feat.

Jillian visited Sunny and in a heart-to-heart conversation, Sunny revealed that she is a stress-induced eater. The biggest source of Sunny’s stress was fulfilling her family’s goal that she become a doctor someday. She’s taken on advanced coursework and extra curricular activities in which she had no interest in order to satisfy her parents. Rather than pushing back or rebelling, like many teenagers, she uses food to cope. Thank goodness for Jillian, who called a family meeting in order to allow Sunny an opportunity to finally share her dreams with her family. Jillian also surprised the teen with a rowing workout. In perhaps the biggest shocker of the night, Jillian actually struggled a bit with the rowing!

Dolvett checked in with Lindsay and learned that her family had also been joining in on The Biggest Loser lifestyle changes. Mom takes the morning exercise shift, while Lindsay’s sister handled afternoon workout duties. After learning that Lindsay’s time as a cheerleader was cut short in middle school by the antics of a few mean girls, Dolvett surprised her with a much-needed confidence boost from the high school cheering squad. Nice touch. Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

The contestants ran a 5K benefiting The Boys and Girls Club of America. White team won first prize, a $15,000 reward divided across team members. The trainers returned for the Last Chance Workout. The trainers returned to find a sluggish blue team, an emerging leader in Jackson and a loss of drive in Joe. Of course, it wouldn’t be The Biggest Loser without Jillian giving someone the business. This week, Jeff decided to volunteer as tribute. Unsurprisingly, Jeff did not welcome Jillian’s special attention and was not flattered by the potential she saw in him. Interestingly, Bob was not well-handled by Jillian’s harshness with Jeff either. Perhaps it will be awhile before we see the blue and white team pair up for a combined Last Chance Workout again.

Time for the scale! Blue team leads the pack with 40 pounds lost with the red team coming in second with a loss of 34 pounds. Unfortunately, that means the white team is now down to 1 member as Pam went home this week.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser? Jillian is a great trainer but female contestants typically have trouble consistently posting large numbers. I don’t know how much longer Jillian’s team will be around. Hopefully losing an entire team will not mean losing the trainer too. I like Jillian’s passion, although I probably wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her “passionate” yelling. Sound off below!