Supernatural Chat: Season 8 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

With the return of Supernatural last week (finally), I heard a few different variations on how people liked the first episode after a (very) long break. Ranging from: “Oh my lord, everything is wonderful and rainbows and puppies!” to “Yeah, I guess it was okay…” and, my personal favorite, “Eh, it was a filler episode.”

So needless to say, the opinion of the fans I’m talking to think this season (not just the episode return) is just sort of… okay. While it’s obviously wonderful that Supernatural continues to go strong, do we (as a fandom) think the story telling is lacking?

Here are a few things about season eight that I am having issues with. Feel free to chime in using the comment section below – I want to hear from you!

The Good:

Season 8 has had some fine points. I’ve enjoyed Benny, which is saying a lot since characters that aren’t Sam, Dean, Cas, Bobby, etc. tend to annoy the crap out of me (I could write a dissertation about Amelia, but I’ll digress) but I’m really loving Benny. His relationship with Dean lends some amazing tension between the brothers, and, let’s be honest, a New Orleans vampire is right up my alley. I’m not even trying to be unbiased with that one. Benny is amazing because he’s a southern vampire, okay?

I’m also liking the tension between Sam and Dean. Not that I like the boys to fight or, heave forbid, even disagree on anything, but in season 8, the relationship roadblocks that the writers are hitting seem to be working for me. Instead of feeling like the problems that the brothers are experiencing are unwarranted, and only being used because there needs to be some sort of drama, these relationship issues are warranted.

Anger from Dean because Sam didn’t even bother trying to find him or purgatory (even though, like Dean said, it’s an unspoken rule between the two brothers that they always look for each other), and also because Sam decided to play house with a girl instead of searching. Yeah, I’d probably be pissed, too.

But then there’s the flip side of the coin. Sam never wanted the hunting life… it doesn’t matter that he was born into it and it’s part of his blood. He tried to get out several times since he was kid, and even went to school across the country to get away. I understand that he came to an agreement with himself that he would embrace the life and work to avenge Jess, but enough is enough, right? I completely understand Sam being upset that Dean refuses to understand his reasons for not looking for him (even though they’re all bogus).

The Bad:

Several things have really bugged me about season 8. I don’t mind that Sam has a girlfriend, before you all flame me for being a hater. I loved Sara, and wish she and Sam had lived happily ever after and hunted as one big happy family. But Amelia? She horrible. She has no depth, doesn’t even seem to care about herself let alone anyone else, and do any of you think she is incredibly condescending and mean? Because I do. Oh, AND – she’s pushy as hell, and still hung up on her dead husband.

While a lot of this wouldn’t normally bother me (I mean, Sam isn’t exactly the poster child for letting things go), but everything combined, and with the way that female characters deserve a much better chance on Supernatural, Amelia needs to exit and quickly.

The Ugly:

Okay, not really. Ugly is a strong word, and I just needed it to finish my title (sue me). Anyway, some of the “ugly” sides of Supernatural season 8 – Cas’ problem with Heaven pretty much sucks, am I right? For some reason I’ve become extremely protective of Castiel and just want him to be left alone. I’m also sick of the “bad angel vs. good angel” stories that seem to follow the show since the fourth season.

Kevin’s story line also needs to either pick up or shove off. I’m not liking the cat and mouse game between Kevin, Crowley, and all of the other prophets that are being dragged into the mix. Either there’s one prophet that can read the tablets or not… enough with Crowley “almost” getting there.

Considering that there are about three things that I’m really not liking in season 8, which is extremely low considering my issues with past seasons, Supernatural is once again working for me and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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