New Girl Season 2 Review “Pepperwood” – Beware the POGO

I really think that Nick would be a great writer if he ever took a break from trying to save Jess and actually wrote something. In “Pepperwood,” this week’s episode of New Girl, he decided to take on a somewhat creepy student in Jess’s adult creative writing class, who he decided wanted to kill Jess based on his stories and some drawings in his notebook.

It’s a pretty classic TV story set-up, mistaking a new character for a killer, but I can’t deny that it was entertaining to see Nick investigating and spying and protecting Jess under the cover name “Pepperwood.” I feel like a broken record when I say over and over again how much Nick secretly loves Jess. It’s so obvious; every episode is about them saving each other from bad relationships or potentially dangerous situations that turn out to be totally explainable.

The guy wasn’t a killer, although he did base a character on Jess and decide to kill it, and his drawings of women with huge eye sockets just mean that he didn’t know how to draw eyes, sort of a problem for a wanna-be graphic novelist. And he was living with a much older woman who was not his mother, something that totally grossed everyone out.

There were a lot of gross things going on in this episode, as Winston accidentally poking CeCe with his morning POGO led to the gang revealing the things about each other that they all discuss behind each other’s backs. It reminded me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother in that they did this exact same thing a few years back. Winston’s inappropriate erections, Schmidt’s creepy toenails, Jess’s penchant for knowing better than everyone, and Nick’s inability to take care of himself physically or financially. You know, the little things that bug us about our friends, but that they’re never supposed to know bug us.

For me, the whole episode revolved around Schmidt’s eyebrows, which he trimmed when trying to figure out what the gang thought was wrong with him. I kind of hope they never grow back.

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