Lost Girl Season 3 Review “Subterrfaenean”

Kenzi and Dyson - Lost Girl

The latest episode of “Lost Girl” opened with Bo and Lauren at long last reunited as a couple, and it’s been a longtime coming, no pun intended (okay, maybe a little). The two wasted no time in getting their horizontal on, with Kenzi out for the better part of the night to a subterranean nightclub/magic show/freak show of some indeterminate sort. Or should I say, a “Subterrfaenean” one, as the venue is occupied by a group of fae-turned-C.H.U.D. that are none too happy to have their space invaded by the likes of a bunch of partygoers. Before you can say “Bloody Mary” three times, the crowd is attacked and one of Kenzi’s pals is AWOL.

Naturally, Kenzi enlists Bo to help in the search for her beloved friend, known ironically as Aussie (Daniel DeSanto) because he always wanted to visit there. They explore the underground area, only to be trapped and lectured to by Atticus (Jordan Pettle), who suggests that he and his people, who are very poor, were poisoned by rich people/fae in order to run them out of an area they wanted to possess. Now blind and, in the case of Atticus, deformed into what looks like a white alligator, hence the nickname the people putting on the floor show alluded to earlier, the “Alligator Man.”

Atticus sets them free after gassing the girls into unconsciousness, but they wake up in their own bed at home, to jibes by Vex, convinced the two finally gave into their latent desires and made the beast with two backs. They are not amused, and it’s off to Dyson they go, to lodge a complaint about the “croc-block.”

Meanwhile, Dyson has a new partner to replace Hale, who was elected to serve as the interim Ash. Her name is Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten), and she is crazy hot, so it shouldn’t be long before free agent Dyson is doing more than trading punches with Little Miss Crazy Blonde in the boxing ring. (Was it me or was that scene oddly sexy? Maybe I just like seeing Dyson have his butt handed to him by a girl.) That said, she naturally has another agenda, including the revelation that’s she’s dark fae and is after Bo, intending to call her on a recent attack on a human in the previous episode.

Bo, knowing none of this, walks right into an arrest, where she tries her best to explain what’s going on with her Sewer Gator Surprise. Tamsin could care less, but Dyson pulls her aside to give her a harsh talking to for blindsiding him with all of this, and this is all the time Bo needs to sweet talk a guard into setting her free, which she subsequently does again, managing to impress even a bemused Tamsin, albeit begrudgingly.

After some investigating, Bo is led to a shipyard, where she discovers a boxcar full of people with the aforementioned virus being held captive. Atticus, growing more consternated by the minute, threatens to expose all of the fae if he and his people are not relocated somewhere more adequate than, I don’t know, a freaking SEWER.

Ultimately, the culprit turns out to be one Robert Hamelin (Ted Atherton). If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because good old Bob is none other than the original Pied Piper of Hamelin, the very one that played a pipe that led all of the kids to follow him to their doom. In a clever tie-in, he also confesses to being the so-called “Slender Man,” which some viewers might recognize as a popular and super-creepy character created online to freak people out as a faux urban legend. When he feeds on fae, it causes the aforementioned virus to occur.

Enter Atticus and it’s Big Trouble in Little Sewer. Atticus wastes no time in munching down on Mr. Hamelin, so it’s safe to say that he won’t be taking advantage of any more fae anytime soon. Atticus’ people are relocated, and all is well, save the fact that Succubusty still has a lot to answer for in light of her actions as of late. Enter the so-called “Dream Weaver,” who has the ability to view people’s dream and help eliminate nightmares and night terrors and the like, which Bo has been suffering as of late. The show ends with her and Bo not caring too much for what they see, which appears to be Bo devouring someone. Hate when that happens.

What did you think of “Subterrfaenean”? Did you get a kick out of the floor show at the beginning? Was it fun seeing Kenzi out on the town, in her element? Did you like the way they combined a variety of urban legends into the mix, including the whole “flushing alligators down the sewer” thing and the “Slender Man”? Let me know in the comments!