How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Review “Ring Up”

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 14 Ring Up (1)

How I Met Your Mother gave us a little break from the dramatic love triangles and emotional baby blues with “Ring Up,” a lighthearted episode that didn’t do much for the seasonal story arc, but managed to hold its own.

Wearing her newly re-sized heirloom engagement ring, Robin realized for the first time what it was like to feel invisible. This wasn’t Robin’s first engagement, so I’m not sure if Robin experienced the same phenomenon while she was engaged to Kevin, (maybe Kevin’s engagement ring just wasn’t as effective as Barney’s ring at making her off limits? I mean I can’t even remember Kevin’s ring.) Nevertheless, I got a good chuckle out of Robin’s musical portrayal of her life before the ring and of her experiences after putting on the ring. The LOTR/Hobbit references and Robin’s sudden invisibility when putting on the ring were simple, silly gags, but they got me every time.

Marshall and Lily’s adventures in role playing were hilarious and it was nice to see them acting a lot more like they did in the pre-baby days than they have recently. I got good laughs out of both Marshall’s loser musician getup and Lily’s hideous middle-aged-mom high rise jeans that somehow got them feeling frisky.

Robin wasn’t the only character sporting a new accessory on How I Met Your Mother this week. Ted’s latest attempt to impress a romantic interest led him to buying a leather cuff from a cute, 20-year-old girl who turned out to be Barney’s half sister. Carly’s old man fetish was bizarre, but I enjoyed how Ted just played along with it and let her believe he was older than he actually was for the sake of being with a hot hipster.

Although Barney and Ted had no idea that Carly had blood ties to the Stinson clan, I had my suspicions from the moment that Robin had mentioned that Barney’s half sister was upset at Christmas about the heirloom engagement ring going to Robin. How I Met Your Mother doesn’t usually drop information like that just to throw it away. It was a pretty big hint, especially for those of us who have been expecting Barney’s sister to work her way into Ted’s life in one way or another since she was first brought up many episodes ago.

How I Met Your Mother did a good job setting up Barney for the reveal that Carly was his sister. It was tough to feel any pity for Barney when he had been teasing Ted just a few scenes earlier about banging Ted’s mom so in the end, Barney’s emotional roller coaster of horror and excitement felt like a perfectly played karmic payback.

There was a tiny attempt to squeeze in a moment for Barney when he realized he was turned off to the idea of one-night-stands thanks to seeing his sister and Ted in that scenario. It didn’t really click as a meaningful moment because Barney had long ago decided that one-night-stands were not going to lead him to a fulfilling life. It worked that Ted was just trying to spin Barney’s reaction as a “detox” moment because if they had given it any more weight it would have seemed out of place.

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had a sort of goofball episode of How I Met Your Mother like this one. I had a good time watching all the characters get a little too preoccupied with their silly scenarios this and as much I appreciate how well How I Met Your Mother can work in realistic drama, I also appreciate episodes like this that just let us relax and laugh at these characters simply being their dorky selves.