Face Off Season 4 Review “Heroic Proportions” – The Many (Incorrect) Uses For Gaffers Tape

Face Off Season 4 Episode 2 Heroic Proportions (10)

I’m not really sure where to even begin with this train wreck of an episode. Normally the artists of Face Off leave me speechless because of their talent and the magnificent creations that come from their imaginations. Tonight that changed. Instead of being awed, I sat in stunned silence at the mess that came from this superhero challenge. Not everything was horrible about the creations in “Heroic Proportions”, but instead of the good choices outnumbering the bad, the good (or even decent) was few and far between.

The remaining artists were given the spotlight challenge of creating an original superhero. With the help of DC artists, they needed to come up with a character, a back story, and a full makeup. The winner of this challenge will have their character appear in a DC comic, which is incentive enough to win, forget about the actual competition.

The contestants have three days to complete this challenge, and in theory, all of their ideas looked great. The sketches were up to par with the work that I’m used to seeing on Face Off, and at the start of this episode I had extremely high hopes for every creation that was shown in those sketches.

Let’s talk about concepts. Meagan went with a “Freedom Fighter” design which was supposed to incorporate elements of the Twin Towers in his costume. He was the would be protector of New York City, and from the get go Meagan had problems with her design. She struggled with the sculpt of her face, and kept ending up with a very feline quality. She did manage to fix the face, but I feel that the rest of the design suffered because of this.

Alam attempted to created a glass man character, and admitted from the start that she wasn’t sure of what materials to use to construct the giant shards of glass that would make up the back of his costume. That never bodes well for a designer, and Alam struggled with this piece until her character walked onto the stage.

Anthony’s concept was an Earth based hero – one that fights against those that hurt the planet. He used the core of the Earth as his inspiration, and despite some horrible time management issues when it came to his sculpt, his make up turned out to be stunning. While most artists struggle to make rock/lava look decent in a make up, Anthony did an outstanding job at carrying his color scheme and theme not only into the face of his piece, but into the arms as well. Anthony was one of the bright spots on Face Off this week.

I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to pick apart the deigns too much. Just suffice to say that make up was flat, some was non existent, and masks were used to cover up mistakes and/or poor time management skills.

The top three looks were House’s Anime robot girl, which to me, looked like a jumble of gore. I’m normally pretty good at gauging how the judges will react to the final creations, but man, was I off of my game with this one. Glenn liked the horror element, and also enjoyed how House incorporated a more Sci-Fi feel into his piece. Anthony and his lava make up were also a favorite, and rightly so. Glenn loved the way that the colors carried through the entire piece and Ve told him that it was the best attempt that she’d seen on the Face Off stage. Eric F. was also in the running due to his attention to the detail of anatomy, and mainly because his brain/lung piece was just plain cool. Despite this, Anthony leaves the stage with another win… which is the one thing that I agreed with the judges on this week.

The bottom looks were Katie’s concept of a home made superhero, Michael’s plague doctor fail, and Meagan’s duct taped atrocity of a make up. You could literally see the tape holding her piece together. I was embarrassed for her – and I know that she didn’t want that on the stage to present to the judges any more than I wanted them seeing it.

Surprisingly, Meagan doesn’t make her exit, but Michael’s mask, which covered… nothing… ended up as the bottom look. Glenn explained that he didn’t create anything, just used a mask which didn’t match up with the concept that Michael was attempting.

Honestly, I don’t know how Alam was safe this week. Her entire back piece fell off of her model before it got to the stage. She had a giant hole in the back of her costume, and painted over it with body paint. Again, I have no clue how this passed the judges, but hey – they’re the professionals and know more than I do, right?

While this was a disappointing week on Face Off, it still was entertaining to watch. I truly love what these artists are capable of creating, and I know that this season has tremendous talent just waiting to emerge.

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