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Emily Owens, M.D. Episode 6 Emily and... the Question of Faith
I wish the CW could see how many loyal viewers are totally disappointed that we’re in the final three episodes of Emily Owens, MD. My inbox blew up with comments supporting and mourning the show, and I wonder if it will again after “Emily and the Teapot,” this week’s episode. Sometimes it takes a hot minute for a show to gain a following, but these days, it’s all about instant gratification.

I admit, I was ambivalent about the show at first, but I have developed an interest in these characters, and I am crossing my fingers for some kind of satisfying resolution when the end comes two weeks from now. Being a hypochondriac, watching this show hasn’t always been good for my mental health, but I have admired the way the medical cases seamlessly blend into the personal lives of the doctors, this week in particular. That’s a sign of good writing, something this show has never lacked. I wish I knew why it didn’t catch a larger audience.

I do wonder, though, if it was a touch too cerebral for its network and their target demographic.

Bolstered by her belief that Will was secretly in love with her, Emily moved through this episode with a surprising amount of confidence, something that ultimately led her to land a coveted research assistant position with Dr. Bandari. It came down to Emily, Cassandra and Will for the spot, and the fight was bitter. Not, however, bitter enough to break up Will and Cassandra, even after he got to see his girlfriend at her worst.

And that was when Emily did the smartest thing she’s done in eleven episodes. She let go of Will. Finally!! Desperately wanting to be someone’s first choice, Emily woke the hell up and realized that with Will, she never would be. Of course, unbeknownst to her, she is Micah’s first choice, and it was so good to see his face when Emily told him of her decision to drop Will. After nearly losing his mom to a complication, Micah needed to hear that. Is two episodes long enough to see them hooked up and happy?

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  • MicahEmily

    Oh, I am so bitterly disappointed that we only have a couple of precious episodes left. I really, really hope Micah and Emily are happy by the end of the run. I think she was very affected by the hug. I couldn’t believe they were interrupted, although of course it was inevitable. The anticipation is killing me. Aside from that, the series continues to shine. I so wish the CW would consider their decision, or someone else could pick it up. So sad.

  • Maria

    Everyday, I am hoping for a miracle that this wonderful show goes on. It was the first time my 16 year old son watched it with me and he appreciated it. I am sure given more time, it would have been a hit.

  • brain

    Hoped another network would pick this up. Definitely too mature for CW. – It has no monsters/vampires/werewolves/ghosts/superheros, no high school environment, no quaint imaginary town w/ the one restaurant & zero traffic lights. This show is decidedly outside their formula.

  • Mrs Wh0

    This show would do well on USA. It’s smart, cute, and funny. Please move to USA!!

  • ptjackson

    I was like you ambivalent about this show, and then I almost stopped watching it because Emily was too wishy washy, then she started to grow.

    What frustrates me is that the previews look like the pining for Will returns next week. Enough already. He is a horrible friend, and they need to stop beating this dead horse. Will and Cassandra deserve each other!

  • prottasha

    PLEASE DON’T LET THIS SHOW GO! this was the bestttt episode so far!!! so happy when she finally let go of what was stopping her all this time from being free and happy. I would like to see her more in a confident state and having some fun!!!!!! This show gives me confidence and makes me happy!

  • I’m not ready to let this show go!!! It has a lot of loyal fans! Those are the best.

  • Tiffany Carroll

    I will seriously cry if this show isn’t picked up by another network. I’m sorry the CW can’t see a good thing, but this is an awesome show!!! The good parts are just now happening. Give it a CHANCE!!

  • suflogua

    I love the show. I’m still hoping for a miracle that CW will continue the story. Can’t wait to see the next 2 episodes!

  • Tell Ya Why

    ” I wish I knew why it didn’t catch a larger audience.” I’ve never watched this show and I can tell you why it didn’t catch me. 1) It’s a medical drama and we already have enough of those, none of which can beat Grey’s Anatomy. 2) The promo for it looked stupid. Wasn’t good enough to ignore #1. 3) It’s on the CW, a crappy network full of crappy shows. 4) Last, but not least (and this is a BIG one) tv shows HAVE to have a sense of sex appeal. Pretty people attract an audience. It’s sad, but true. The lead characters should be attractive and the lead in this show, Mamie Gummer, is NOT!

    • Emily Owens fan

      You never watched the show therefore your “opinion” is complete garbage, not to mention shallow. Mammie looks just like her mother. She is beautiful

  • Lynda

    I love watching Mamie Gummer in this show and will be very disappointed when it is off the air. It’s a light entertaining show. I don’t understand why shows like ‘Two Broke Girls’ and ‘Two and Half Men’ make it and a show like this one doesn’t.

  • Lydia

    This show is like Ally McBeal meets ER at the crossing of legally blonde! I love this show! Please another network pick this up!

  • I love Emily Owens MD….even the bad characters are somewhat likeable….is there ANY hope that the CW would change their minds? I hope she and Micah make a real go of it…they best get to it.

  • Laura

    We absolutely love Emily owens md and sooooo disappointed that such a wonderful, smart, and witty show is being cancelled in lieu of less intellectual and morally lacking shows involving vampires, werewolves, and other immature things. Mamie Gummer is fantastic and the entire cast is a pleasure to watch. Please, please, please someone pick up this show for next season. Do not let this gem go.

  • Heather

    My favorite show on tv right now! I don’t want it to end yet. My 6 year old daughter watches with me.

  • Hank707

    Keep it going, great show. You have half a dozen shows that should go before this one

  • Lauren

    Can’t they just keep the show there are so many fans but the network isn’t able to see that

  • Steve

    I’m a guy at an age well past this show’s targeted demographic, but am not too old to either learn or me reminded of some of life’s valuable lessons & insights that are woven into the weekly episodes. The series does more than simply entertain with plots you may not recall in the near future, but addresses issues that to its reflective viewers could impact them a lifetime. Thank you to its talented actors & gifted writers for performances & scripts that just got better every week.

  • LBlovestheshow

    This is the only show I watch on prime time tv. Everything else has violence and sex in it. I love this show. This episode was great! I definitely want Emily with Micah. I don’t like Will. The fact that he likes Cassandra shows he is not right for Emily. This show has excellent writers and keeps you on the edge of your seat. If they continue and cancel it, I will not watch CW again.

  • This one of my favorite shows. I also think it’s just on the wrong network.

  • Sap

    I love this show. I hope CW will bring it back. I want Emily and Micah to get together.

  • SmartGirl

    CW, PLLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE keep this show. It has so many great and appealing qualities about it. It’s smart TV.

  • silvia contreras

    I wish they weren’t canceling this show I love it my fav . 🙁

  • Jennifer Rose

    really, really, really love this show! the story lines and characters are wonderful, it’s almost like saying goodbye to good friends who will be sorely missed. i hope the cw would please reconsider or another network please see the enjoyment and loyal fan base this show creates. i have never posted about a show before but i think this one is worth saving.

  • 1sunnybunny

    I don’t understand why this show was cancelled when it’s smart, funny, touching and has likeable characters. While I admit I watch Hart of Dixie, it’s a guilty pleasure, it’s characters aren’t realistic, although likeable, and the plots are so cheesy you would think they would melt in that Bluebell Alabama heat.
    My point is, this show gets renewed and Emily Owens, MD gets cancelled without any warning. The CW didn’t do anything to promote this show or really give it a chance. Please, please, please, don’t cancel it.

  • Another network should definitely pick up this show. It would do great on one that targeted a different demographic. Although The CW has a great line-up at the moment, they have lost some great shows bc they were in such a hurry to see results i.e. Veronica Mars, Life Unexpected. Emily Owens has a lot of potential and loyal viewers, and hopefully will see life after season 1.

  • Smart Viewer

    Love this show can’t understand why they would like to cancel it. I they would reconsider. I know they feel that the show they would replace it with will do better, but my question is why do you want to put a show that’s just like all the rest this was different in an amazing way. What do I know I’m just a viewer you know one of the people they are trying to impress.

  • disgruntled CW viewer

    Its sad that this amazing show is cancelled because the network’s main viewers are brainless teenage girls that don’t have any clue about what good television is. I really do hope that another network picks up the show, or at least the creator makes another soon because I really enjoyed Emily Owens.

  • Qt

    I am sooooo sad to hear this show has been cancelled & right when it was getting so good. Cancel Greys & pick up EO, stat!!

  • Diana

    I’m so disappointed Emily Owens MD is cancelled. I love that show! Isn’t there some way to get them to change their mind!!

  • Channa

    So sad this was cancelled! CW give it a chance. It’s like this generation’s “Felicity” (but in a hospital not NYU)! Great characters, and it got good towards the end of the season!! Cancel something else like Beauty and the Beast or Carrie Diaries!!