Deception Season 1 Review “A Drop of Blood and a Microscope” – Revelations about Edward and Julian Abound

Deception (NBC) Episode 3 A Drop of Blood and a Microscope (5)

We’ve learned a lot of revelations tonight on Deception, haven’t we? Tonight’s episode, “A Drop of Blood and a Microscope,” Joanna really has to figure who she is–a cop, on the hunt for her friend’s killer, or a cop who has gotten seduced by the Good Life and a bad boy. Thankfully, she comes to her senses by the end of the episode.

Let’s go over the revelations:

The allure of Julian: The storyline of Julian and Joanna going to the Bahamas conference was, of course, the main storyline for this episode. I really liked how we got to see more of the type of playboy lifestyle Julian leads. We also got to see a little bit into his heart–he was a doctor, but he moved away from the medical profession after a young girl under his care died of cancer. Joanna nearly forgot her purpose for being there with this story. Even the robber in Julian’s room didn’t help matters (but we have to remember that he was only there for the computer and not the money).

She gets one kiss in while Julian is tending to her robber-inflicted wound before remembering herself a little bit. She remembers herself a ton when one of Mia’s photos show Vivian and Julian. Julian’s wearing the peculiar ring he hit Vivian with.

It’s like a light went off then. She finally realized what we as the audience already knew from the suspicious flashbacks–Julian isn’t a man to be trusted. He’s troubled for a reason. He’s done some shady stuff to his sister. And, his willingness to go along with Robert’s plans to release the drug don’t help matters. Joanna runs back to Will, and eventually (after adult time), she tells him to pick Julian up. For once, she’s not falling back into old childhood patterns.

In all honesty, though, I would have hoped that Joanna wouldn’t let her childhood feelings for Julian get in the way of her investigation; from next week’s preview, it looks like Joanna’s feelings bubble up again, causing another problem between her and Will. I’m just hoping beyond hope that Joanna can keep her head straight for good.

Edward is a good guy? I never would have thought it at first, but Edward is actually not the bad apple in the Bowers family! I guess, to be honest, I figured Edward was straddling the fence as far as good and evil are concerned, but Eddie Spaghetti isn’t a good guy turned rotten; he’s a good guy that’s been pushed to become something he really isn’t. The conversations he was having with Vivian a month before she died weren’t conversations dealing with how he was going to keep her quiet. Instead, they were about if he was going to help her blow the whistle on Robert’s deadly drugs.

When Vivian’s murder is ruled as a homicide by forced heroin injection, the Yeager allegations come back up in full force for poor Edward, causing him to get fired by his father’s company. When he got fired, it actually could have been the best thing for him–if he and Samantha had actually moved to Santa Barbara, they would have been able to start over from scratch and Edward could be the man he wanted to be. But, since he’s been roped into the business in the first place by Robert (who is turning out to be much more passive aggressive than I initially anticipated), he gives Robert what he was looking for in the first place–some backbone. I guess this is one reason why Robert didn’t initially defend him against the Board of Directors. But, it’s obvious Edward is only a pawn in whatever plan Robert has going on.

The baby daddy: It seems Edward’s generosity also extends to Vivian’s baby’s father, but the generosity could be mixed up with some sort of self-serving move. The baby’s father/Vivian’s contact is very guilty about his role in Vivian’s death, and Edward is offering him protection. I’m not completely sure what’s happening here, but that’s what the upcoming episodes are for, right?

Sofia is brutal: During a game of squash, Samantha is scared into staying with Edward and the Bowers family by Sofia, who is the real head of the family, I think, not Robert. One of the reasons for intimidating Samantha is so the grandkids can stay close. But it also seems like Sofia doesn’t want a possible snitch, since she says Samantha knows “the price of disloyalty” in the Bowers clan. Samantha was a possible lead for Joanna, but now that she’s clammed up, Joanna has to find another avenue into learning more about Edward’s life. I’m surprised Sofia didn’t listen in on the conversation Joanna and Samantha had after the Squash Altercation. I mean, she was right at the table, after all. Joanna should watch her back, because eventually, Sofia will be after her next.

Deception (NBC) Episode 3 A Drop of Blood and a Microscope (1)

Mia is in trouble: She doesn’t know it yet, though. That new guy she’s hanging out with–the one who’s saving her from pierced-up guys and all–is actually a spy for someone, and he and the pierced dude are working together. I must watch tons more television than I realized, since I could tell that new guy was going to be up to no good. He’s too good-looking and way too charming to not be up to something. We’ll only see if he’s actually a bad guy (like we think) or somehow a good guy working for the authorities or something. You never know with this show, I’ve come to really realize.

The big kicker: Even though Joanna is cured of Julian Fever (for this week), the tabloids are set to not let her forget. Will had contact with a tabloid writer who has tons of pictures of Vivian with different men (one of whom being creepy S&M-lover Senator Haverstock’s [John Larroquette] Chief of Staff). The tabloids are always searching for a story and they find it once Julian and Joanna come back from their island conference. Joanna is seen as Julian’s new fling, meaning her cover could get busted.

This new development is very intriguing to me. It adds a whole new level of drama. With the stakes higher, every characterization is going to get heightened, which is going to make for some great late-night television. I’d almost say it’s pretty bold to have Joanna’s cover be this shaky by this time next week. I can’t wait to see how Joanna will manage to save herself. Perhaps, she can use the notoriety to her advantage–no one would ever suspect she’s actually a cop. This means of course, that her relationship with Will is about to get tested even further if she’s got to “pretend” to be Julian’s girlfriend.

I couldn’t even guess as to what’s happening next week. That’s the mark of a good soap opera, isn’t it?