Being Human Season 3 Review “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

On the latest episode of “Being Human,”, cheekily-entitled “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” the gang is in relatively high spirits (no pun intended), save maybe Aidan, what with the whole vampire virus thing still going around. After all, both Josh and Sally are human again. Of course, this being, well, “Being Human,” you just know that it won’t last, and it doesn’t.

We start with Connor and Brynn’s wolf father looking for them after an extended absence. He soon discovers that the former is dead and wipes out the vamps in short order that killed him and mounted him on their wall, in the worst taxidermy job ever. He eventually tracks down Nora, who used to run with their pack, as you’ll recall from last season (as did Josh briefly, before they got a little too crazy for his tastes). Not too happy with Nora’s questions, he locks himself in her storage facility alongside her and the two vanish after the full moon, much to Josh’s horror, who discovers the door to the unit torn to shreds.

Meanwhile, Sally is the titular “dead” girl looking to have a bit of fun, and against Josh’s better judgment, he allows her to talk him into going out for a night on the town before you can say Cyndi Lauper. First, Nora allows her to pick something from her “slutty punk phase” (nice!) section of her clothing, then it’s off to the clubs they go. Everything is going well until Sally runs into an old flame, Trent, who knew her in life. (Trent: “I was a wreck at your funeral.” Sally: “You were? How was it? Who came? Who dressed like a ho?”) Convincing him she faked her own death to get away from an abusive boyfriend, Sally ignores Josh’s warnings that the witch warned him against: the fact that she is not supposed to interact with people from her past or pay the price for it.

The episode ends with the police discovering poor Trent’s body very near Sally’s house, who last left him on the sidewalk after a quick make-out session during which Trent begged off after he felt sick, even though Sally was giving him the go-ahead pretty loud and clear. (When Josh finds out, he asks, hilariously: “Is this because you zombie-screwed him?”) Too bad he didn’t take advantage of that before whatever happened went down because he’s not going to get another chance, from the looks of things, although Sally was dead once before, too, so you never know.

Finally, there’s Aidan, who, as Sally terms it, “looks like a serial killer from the 70s.” After getting cleaned up, he pays a visit to Tracy, his former blood supplier, looking for clean blood, to no avail. He then proceeds to get his butt handed to him by a wolf pack, who are roaming the streets looking for sick or weakened vampires to kill. Lucky for him, Henry intervenes and invites him back to his place for some fresh blood from a clean source. Unfortunately, the girl in question, Emma has been compelled and is not there of her own volition. Aidan can’t resist freeing her, which Henry is none too happy about.

Last but not least, Josh decides to make things official with Nora, and shows Sally the ring. She advises him to wait until she’s had a chance to clean up before popping the question. You don’t want Nora to be like “Josh proposed to me when I was naked and beaten-up and a little feces was smeared on me.” Yeah, that would be pretty awkward, to say the least. Alas, he never gets the chance, as she has broken out of her storage unit by the time Josh gets there.

All in all, a solid episode, but overall, also more of a transitional one. As such, it was sort of a necessary evil, in order to set up certain things that are clearly going to pay off over the course of the season, if the previews are any indication. If I had to make any predictions, it would be that Trent and Sally will be able to communicate with one another from the other side and she will help him to do what she herself did: return from the dead. But not without consequences, no doubt, on both sides. I think Aidan will have to find an alternate food source quick or risk being forced into feeding on someone and taking his chances. I predict that he will cross that line sooner than later simply out of necessity. As for Josh, I think the father will hold Nora hostage so that Josh will come for her and he can question Josh about what happened to Brynn. That is not a conversation that is likely to go well.

What did you think of “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun”? Any lingering questions about where everyone stands now? Wasn’t it nice seeing two out of the three housemates “being human” again, as it were? Are you guessing it won’t last long? Did you get a kick out of Sally in horndog mode? What do think Aidan will resort to in order to feed? What length will Byrnn’s dad go for vengeance? Let me know what you think in the comments!