2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And Too Little Sleep”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 14 And Too Little Sleep (4)

This week on “2 Broke Girls,” the double-duty our girls are doing working two jobs at the same time is finally starting to take its toll, in the aptly-titled “And Too Little Sleep.” The girls are really starting to spread themselves thin, as evidenced by Caroline literally falling asleep on her feet in the middle of taking someone’s order at the diner. Not helping is the fact that they have a massive cupcake order to fill overnight after Caroline forgets to tell Max about it, forcing our girls to have to work twice as hard to finish the job.

Making matters worse is the fact that Caroline breaks their oven, forcing them to seek out help from Han at the diner after blowing off work in order to fill the order. Then Max loses her earring, and they can’t find it anywhere, meaning it’s likely in one of the cupcakes and therefore, they must go through each and every one in order to find it, which in turn necessitates them having to more or less start from scratch. Good times!

Eventually, the girls pull it off and get their money, but it’s clear they are spreading themselves entirely too thin, so something’s got to give. I suspect that they’ll either have to quit the diner altogether or, at the very least, cut down on their hours a bit. Otherwise, they are never going to make it. What they need is enough big gigs to allow them to quit the diner job for good. Until that happens, though…it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

Meanwhile, Caroline is still reeling from her unexpected break-up with Andy, not exactly helped by the fact that he works across the way from the girls’ cupcake shop, or that he and Max are still friends that regularly text and share pictures online, with a special fondness for wacky animal pics. (“A cat and a dolphin are friends? Can you imagine what their babies would look like?”) Eventually, Max is forced to faux-break-up with Andy too, in order to show solidarity to her friend.

Some good jokes here and there, but the girls were coasting a bit this week. All in all, the end result was decent but not one of the best this season, and a definite come-down from the superb “bear”-centric episode last week, to be sure. Of course, that one had a bit of unexpected pathos when Caroline and Andy unexpectedly broke up, but it still managed to bring the funny. This one felt a bit like it wasn’t just the girls that were borderline sleepwalking, but the writers as well. Too bad- they’ve been on a roll lately.

Best lines:

Max, after she waves at Andy and tries to explain her enthusiasm: “My hand is friendly…just ask any guy from high school.”

Han: “Max, I can’t explain something and I need you to help figure it out.”
Max: “That’s had to believe, since you’re 90% head.”
Han: “It’s not a laughing matter. I broke my mother’s pelvis coming out!”
Max: “At least you finally came out.”

Sophie: “It’s the anniversary of the first time Oleg and I 70’d.”
Oleg: “The way I do it, it’s one more than 69.”

Caroline, explaining her not knowing the meaning of an obscure word Max mentions regarding the stove: “I thought it was a cool word-blend. You know, like a she/him for a transsexual- a shim!”
Max: “You thought a tiny transsexual was holding up our stove?”

Han: “You don’t want to see me on two Sea Breezes.”
Max: “What happens, you become Lindsay Lo-Han?”

Max, after Caroline offers up the worst imitation of a man ever: “That’s your go-to guy voice? Is he being protected by Dateline?”

Caroline, on where a earring might be hiding: “Check your boobs- that’s where we found the remote.”

Max, commenting on the all-nighter of cupcake making: “I’ve had my hands in more boxes tonight than a gynecologist in a free clinic.”

Caroline: “We’re the most unlikely animal friends of all.”
Max: “I don’t know about that, but a picture of me nursing you would definitely go viral.”

Mildly funny stuff, but not one of the girls’ best, to be sure. What did you think of “2 Broke Girls” this week? Will you miss Andy? What did you think about Max’s mild flirtation with the same? Do you think they would be a better match than he and Caroline? Sound off in the comments section!!