Shameless Season 3 Review “The American Dream”

We’re having fun with the Gallaghers again on this week’s Shameless as, in ‘The American Dream’, the family begin to turn on each other over money, unsuitable relationships and, of course, Frank’s continuous unwanted presence in the house. We saw the patriarch of the family return to indifference from most of his family last week, and here he does his best to alienate the only offspring who still has faith in him. Debbie has the ability to break hearts whenever Shameless needs to pull at the strings, and this week she was on top-form.

We begin the episode in a fairly harmonious home, despite the impending doom that comes along with Fiona’s huge gamble last week. Jimmy assures her that everyone needs to invest in themselves in order to be successful, but Lip doesn’t react in such a positive way. The two eldest Gallaghers butt heads in a huge way this week, and it’s hard to decide which one of them is in the right. On the one hand, Fiona is trying to pay her dues in order to make some real money for once, but on the other she’s using the family’s precious money to do so.

It looks like it’s going to be every man for himself this season, and Lip is eyeing the position at the head of the family. Another rift is widened between Debbie and Frank, as mentioned above, and I guess everyone has a breaking point. Despite taking refuge in her room for the majority of the episode, he goes too far when, in a drunken fit of self-importance, he destroys a school project. She goes to town on her deadbeat dad with a bag of soap she takes with her on dangerous late-night strolls, and Frank has to move in with Sheila, posing of her live-in babysitter, of course.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is getting himself deeper and deeper in the brown sticky stuff, as the guy tailing him goes a way to proving who’s boss. He knows he has to tow the line or run the risk of ending up at the bottom of a lake, and a nice broken finger reminds him of the predicament he’s found himself in. This storyline can’t end well for Fiona and the kids either, and I really hope the only person to get hurt is Jimmy himself. No matter what, all of the lying and sneaking around will wreak havoc with Jimmy and Fiona’s relationship, so he could be on his way out of the Gallagher’s lives for good.

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