Revenge Season 2 Review “Collusion” – When Worlds Collide

Last week I complained that the two worlds of Revenge didn’t seem to have anything to do with each other anymore. In this week’s episode, “Collusion,” a bridge between the two stories was forged by Conrad’s attempt to help his image by helping Jack and Declan oust the bad brothers from the Stowaway. But in true Grayson fashion (and it’s interesting to note that he did this with Ashley at his side), he turned right around and prepared to stab the Porter boys in the back when one of the brothers offered him a much better deal, wherein Conrad would get a chunk of a massive real estate coup in exchange for financing the beat-downs necessary to get the waterfront property owners to relocate.

Charlotte was totally right to treat herself to a name change for her 18th birthday. She dropped the Grayson and adopted the Clark, much to Emily’s pleasure.

Oy. This has become a show of such storytelling extremes that sometimes it takes me awhile to wrap my brain around mundane things like extortion and real estate deals. Setting that mess aside for a moment, let’s examine the stuff we actually care about.

Half the players in the game took a trip to LA when Daniel tried to acquire a large, disaster relief management firm to help improve Grayson Global’s image. Emily was supposed to be talking him out of the deal, but she thwarted Victoria’s attempts to keep Daniel from landing it, which apparently played right into the Initiative’s hands. Victoria did everything to keep Daniel out of the mess; she even almost lost her life at the hands of Aiden, who was ordered to kill her if he ever wanted to see his sister alive again.

Of course, Emily couldn’t let that happen. Her revenge plan is to destroy Victoria, not grant her a painless, instant death. When she stopped Aiden and he received a video of his sister overdosing, he immediately turned on Emily, promising to blame her if it wasn’t faked. This is the problem with two people who have two different goals getting too involved. Takeda should have taught them that.

Meanwhile, poor Nolan figured out that Padma was playing him, the latest in a long line of people who have broken his heart. It turns out the Initiative is using Padma to get their hands on a piece of software Nolan half-developed. Named Carrion, it’s a computer program that would allow the Initiative to turn off all the lights in a city as big as New York.

So…is Revenge going to turn out to be the prequel to NBC’s show, Revolution?

Probably not, but that would be cool. Possibly cooler than whatever they really have planned. What does the Initiative want? Why did they bring down that plane? Why are they trying to turn off power grids? And if their plans are nefarious, why do they want to control a disaster relief company?

All questions that could be answered in February…but probably won’t be.

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