House of Lies Season 2 Review “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet”

House of Lies Season 2 Episode 2 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet (6)

On the latest episode of “House of Lies,” poor Jeannie was fit to burst on “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet. Between her panic at having remembered drunkenly confessing to Marty that she loved him but not much else, her worry that Marty would eventually recall the events as they transpired (or at least that particular detail- at this point, I think she’d rather he remember sleeping with her instead of saying “I love you.”), and general unhappiness about having gotten an unwarranted, and essentially powerless, in-name-only pseudo-promotion, Jeannie spent most of this episode trying desperately to hold it together.

Not exactly helping matters is the addition to the Pod of Tamara (Nia Long), aka “Black Jeannie,” an old classmate of Marty’s. Though Jeannie doesn’t exactly welcome her with open arms to the group, neither does she endear herself to much of anyone, particularly after futzing a deal with a potential client in Vegas. The Pod wants to push him in the direction of remodeling his casino, but Tamar thinks that the wave of the future is online gambling, and trashes the Pod’s game plan when they reject hers’, only to have her plan rejected by the client as well. Needless to say, the Pod is not thrilled at this turn of events, especially Marty, who gives Tamara a sound talking to for her going against them and losing the prospective client before roping him in entirely.

Fortunately, Clyde has a couple of acquaintances in Vegas- namely club-owners the Dushkins, who Marty immediately dub the “Douchebag Twins.” Annoying or not, the guys have connections, which the Pod segues into trying to make work for them to replace the potential client they lost with another client altogether. We’ll see how that pans out over the next few episodes, but I suspect it won’t lead to what they were hoping for, though, knowing Marty, that may not matter. Given his gift of gab, I’m sure if he can find an avenue to exploit, he will.

Meanwhile, Jeanne is given a sort-of pep talk from the new interim boss, Julianne (Bess Armstrong). After calling her on the threadbare sucking up that was Jeannie’s “promotion,” she is no doubt surprised to find that she might just have an effective ally in the company. Julianne dubs her the “hotshot young consultant on the fast track to partner who starts f**king her boss…just in case.” It’s clear that Julianne is a fan and that she has big plans for Jeannie, should she get it together and start behaving like the shark that got Julianne’s attention in the first place. But it’s up to Jeannie to pull herself together and she clearly isn’t there yet, if her drunken escapades in Vegas are any indication.

We also discover that, of all people, Doug has been banned from certain casinos in Vegas for counting cards. He was once a master at cheating at the casinos, but the pressure got to him and he pledged his money to an orphanage to help the needy to make up for his wayward ways. This leads to a funny scene where he is forcibly removed from the buffet of a casino after a security guard recognizes him. Refusing to leave without his shrimp, Doug is subsequently thrown out after being slammed down onto the table, clutching at shrimp with his mouth as he was hauled off.

Clyde has a field day with all this, of course: “I have no idea what that just was, but it was the single best moment in my entire life.” LOL. It was pretty hilarious watching the normally staid Doug go from zero to dark thirty in seconds flat. It was likewise amusing to see Jeannie tear into the new girl Tamara. I can’t imagine that relationship going very swimmingly.

Other funny dialogue:

Marty: “How was your meeting with Julianne?”
Jeannie: “Oh, great. I had sex with her. You know me, I see a senior partner, I cannot keep my hands off them.”

Marty, on the state of his and Jeannie’s relationship: “Let it remain really awkward.”

Clyde, after one of the Dushkin brothers comes in for a hug: “I feel your d*ck a lot now.”

One of the Dushkin brothers, after his brother requests Marty do a spin-around so that he can check out his clothes: “My brother’s a total peter popper about clothes. I swear, one day, I’m gonna have to give him a Heimlich, ‘cause he’ll have a di*k stuck in his throat.”

And my favorite, said by an antagonistic Doug to a guy in Elvis garb hassling him: “Do you want to die twice, mother-fu**er?”

What did you think? Was this more of a stopgap episode than one with any forward momentum? In other words, all talk, no action? What do you think of the new additions, character-wise? Let me know what you think in the comments section!