No Review For The Mentalist Season 5? Let’s Answer 12 Questions Instead!

If you are anything like me, you are frustrated that there is no new episode for The Mentalist season 5 tonight on CBS.

Since we have to wait until next week for the new Mentalist episode, I decided to do a YouTube Tag on The Mentalist.

What is a YouTube tag you ask? It’s a Q&A video where a fan of the show can answer a series of questions on “The Mentalist” so that other people can know a little bit more about their love for the series.

Here is the list of questions used in this video:

1. The Mentalist in One Word
2. Describe The First Time You Watched The Mentalist
3. Favorite Season
4. Favorite Episode
5. Favorite Memory
6. How Has The Mentalist Changed Your Life?
7. Lisbon or Van Pelt?
8. Cho or Rigsby?
9. Which Character Would You Want To Be?
10. If You Could Meet Patrick Jane In Real Life, What would say to him?
11. Who Do You Think is Red John?
12. How Do You Want The Show To End?

Please feel free to share your own answers to these questions either in the comments below or in the form of a video response.

Note: This is only our second venture into these kinds of videos so any feedback that you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!