NCIS Season 10 “Shiva” Review – Best Ziva Episode Ever

NCIS Season 10 Episode Shiva

In this week’s episode of NCIS, called “Shiva,” everyone deals with the aftermath of the deaths of Ziva’s father and Vance’s wife, made more difficult by the need to keep the whole thing a secret.

I think this episode has now become my favorite Ziva episode. I’m not sure what brought it over the edge, but it was probably the final scenes. In those moments I felt more emotion for her character than I had in ten seasons, even when she was forced to kill her brother to protect Gibbs’ life. In fact, I think I’m going to call this one of my top favorite episodes ever. Which is saying something considering the fact that I’ve never been the biggest Ziva fan. I’m not saying that I completely disliked her, after all I’ve always thought of her as pretty cool, but in terms of my favorite characters she always trailed behind pretty much everyone else on the team. That’s probably because it seems like every time they give her any kind of drama, it’s often connected to Tony in some way and wrapped up in all that “Tiva” stuff that I can’t stand.

And though this time it felt like there were still some moments between Ziva and Tony that could be interpreted in varying ways, I chose to see them as friendship- based and therefore enjoyed them a lot more. Then I could just see two friends; one who was going through something awful and the other who was doing whatever he could to be there. When watched like that, the episode became incredibly beautiful, especially in the final minutes.

On a couple of final notes, I also have to say that I am very happy that they didn’t catch Ilan in this episode. Oded Fehr was fantastic and him getting away means that we will see him again someday. That is very good news indeed. I also have to say that Vance is probably my least favorite character of all (again, not hated, just low on the favorites list) and yet he too had some wonderful moments in this one. I am so sad to see Jackie go as I really liked her character and thought she was good for him. But at the same time I’m curious to see what long-term affects this will have on Vance both personally and professionally.

My favorite bits..

Ziva having her private conversation with God.

Tony offering Ziva whatever she wanted, whatever she needed.

“What do you need?”

Immediately liking Deputy Director Craig as soon as he started talking about the chocolates.

McGee telling Gibbs that he was proud of him for using the bug.

Abby baking cookies to make everyone feel better. Aw, that is so Abby.

Tony’s reaction to realizing that Gabi was much more interested in Timmy.

“For whatever reason she’s caught the McFever and you’re the only cure.”

Literally saying “uh oh” as soon as Vance walked into that interrogation room.

Noticing how quickly Tony got out of chair to block Vance from pouncing on their suspect. Interesting to see that he had one foot on the chair. Made me wonder if he was getting ready to launch himself if necessary.

Not being able to help the little squeal of joy that escaped me when I saw we were getting to see Tony’s apartment again.

Finding out that Tony had called Shmeil to come be with Ziva. That was beyond sweet.

Two words: Oded Fehr

“Excuse me? And whose grandfather would you be?”
“That depends. Who’s your grandmother?” – Best. Ducky. Line. Ever.

McGee standing up to Ilan. Nice!

The way Tony held Ziva’s hand when she woke up from her nightmare. No, I’m not suddenly a Tiva supporter, it’s just that was an incredibly sweet moment, even just friend to friend.

Vance admitting that he realized he had never come close to understanding how Gibbs had felt about losing his family and wanting revenge.

“And now you’re the daughter of a dead man. Why don’t you let yourself act like one?”

Suspecting Ilan as soon as he called Ziva.

Finding out that Tony keeps a gun taped to the back of his toilet, Godfather style. Yep, of course he does. LOL.

Whoa! Yeah, I wasn’t expecting Kazmi’s car to blow up.

Tony telling Ziva “You are not alone.” It was when she started walking away, that’s when I started crying finally. The music did it. “Not Alone” by Patty Griffin was the perfect choice for those final scenes.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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