NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Paper Soldiers” – More Nate, Please!

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 12 Paper Soldiers

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, the team stumbles across a unique black market ring and an old friend returns just in time to help with the case.

I know that Peter Cambor is doing really well with his new show and I’m a huge fan of Wedding Band, but every time Nate makes another guest appearance on NCISLA, I find myself pining for him all over again and wishing that he’d never left. This episode was no exception.

The team discovering a black market for cadaver tissue “donated” by soldiers killed overseas was an interesting way to bring Nate back, but frankly I really couldn’t care less what it was that got him back on the team, even if only temporarily. It was great to see him interacting with everyone again and I got a kick out of how Eric reacted and how Callen tricked Nate into talking about himself. Plus of course who could forget the comedy gold that came from Hetty and Nate going undercover together as mother and son? But as funny as most of his scenes were, I like that they also gave us a few more somber moments when Nate had to interrogate Rose. Seriously, how long will it be until we see him again? Next time I think it would be fun to see him get even more involved in a case and brought out into the field. That’s something I wanted to see back when he was still a part of the team and I still think it would be fun.

Other than Nate’s return (can you guys tell I enjoyed that a little bit?), the rest of the episode was also great. Lots of fun team stuff, as well as an intriguing case – really can’t ask for more than that.

My favorite bits..

Wait. What? My Chemical Romance actually puts me in a great mood. But not Kensi? Weird.

Finding out that Kensi killed a cactus. Wow.

“She is a serial plant killer.”

Callen asking Kensi if she photographed the crime scene when her plant died.

Deeks’ guesses as to what Eric was trying to signal to them.

“Clients actually put their lives in the hands of….this?”

“Okay, first off I was very good at my job.”
“Says you.”

The “third” versus “thirdly” argument.


The way Eric looked at Nell when she said hi to Nate.

Everybody escaping as soon as they realized why Nate was there.

Eric blurting out that he and Nell kissed, just to “get it out there.”

“Holy Dewey Decimal System.”

Hetty calling Nate her very tall pawn.

Callen totally tricking Nate into talking about himself.

“Does he have to stand behind me like that?”
“I do.”
“He does.”

“Yeah, pretty sure I saw that fountain in Serial Killer’s Digest.”

The way Nell raised her hand when Eric remarked that “someone” had had some very pungent sauerkraut for lunch.

Hetty and Nate playing mother and son.

“You remember Felix, don’t you, sweetheart? I skinned him myself.”

The way Hetty pointed upwards when introducing her son, Chester.

Kensi and Deeks arguing over who had to open the oven to check who the body was before the face melted off. Love that Kensi won with her lightning fast call of “Not it!”

Enjoying the heck out of watching the battling undercover identities of Callen, Sam, Hetty and Nate. Hilarious.

Nate asking Rose to forgive him for questioning her.

Final Funny Blackout Moment: “What do you mean by ‘Shorty’?”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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