‘Drop Dead Diva’ Fans Told “Don’t Lose Hope by Series Creator

Drop Dead Diva

Earlier this week, the disappointing news came down from Lifetime – as we reported here – that their popular dramedy Drop Dead Diva was not going to be renewed for a fifth season. But now series creator Josh Berman is sending out a message to the show’s fans. What is that message? “Don’t lose hope”.

In a report by Entertainment Weekly, Berman had this to share, “Jane Bingum came back from the dead. I think ‘Drop Dead Diva’ will, too”. Berman has also met with Sony, the show’s studio, and he claims they are “extremely passionate about the series. We’ve all been getting calls, both on the creative side and on the business side, from other possible homes”.

While Berman has not elaborated on who is making these calls, he did have this to say, “Everything is in play. There are players that I never even expected that are expressing interest in the show. I’m not ruling anything out. I’m not even ruling out Lifetime and Sony reaching a new deal. I (am) open to anything that will save the show. My goal is to still have the show on the air this summer, no matter what”.

It is his hope that he will find out if ‘Drop Dead Diva’ will live on in a couple weeks. He asks fans to stay involved in social media on behalf of the show; there is an online petition to save the show and more than 17,500 people currently talking about the show on Facebook.

As fans can imagine, Berman would not have ended the series with such a massive cliffhanger as that in the season four finale that aired this past summer; in fact, if he had known that the network would cancel the show, he would have ended it differently.

For now, though, fans will have to stay vigilant in their efforts to make their voices heard online about the future of the show; and be on the look-out further news about the show’s possibly continuation.

  • HF

    3 Generation watch Drop Dead Diva in my family dont cancel it please

  • We need to save this show! Any network would be crazy not to want it as part of their line up!

  • tm

    Stupid Lifetime netwirk. No other show on their schedule is half as fun to follow.

  • Su

    really really missing my funny, entertaining DROP DEAD DIVA

    no more lifetime at my place, bye bye lifetime
    Hope another network picks it up quick – missing my DIVA Sundays

  • DDD fans, Keep tweeting, e mailing, and calling Lifetime about their decision to cancel the best show on television. 212-424-7000 NY Office, 310-556-7500 LA Office, 312-464-1991 Chicago Office. Keep the pressure on and keep the hope and faith that together our voices shall be heard. Keep passing these number along. I for one no longer have Lifetime in my cable lineup. I cancelled them, the same way they did DDD. If you agree, do the same/ Together WE can make a difference

  • Lifetime actually thinks people would prefer that stupid bra fitting show over DDD… Well it’s their loss, not ours when their ratings go down.

  • Tvlover

    Please save this cleverly written show. I’m so sick of all the realty shows that keep getting picked up and all the well written shows being cancelled due to age related marketing.

  • Lp

    Don’t leave us hanging. Drop Dead Diva is a great series and the cast delivers. Please bring our favorite show back to tv.

  • Rosie368

    Save Drop Dead Diva

  • queenglori

    Please bring back DROP DEAD DIVA, I could hardly wait for sundays during there season, So i can watch the show. I usually abandon the other shows for DROP DEAD DIVA.

  • Sherlonda78

    Why is it that television stations will keep all these crappy reality tv shows but when they get a good show on the always cancel them. Not happy with this at all. Bring back Drop Dead Diva…

  • TV Guru

    just picked up Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. i love it! please keep it going!!!! I love every actor and character on this show. great talent all around!



  • DS

    Please don’t cancel DDD. There’s not many good shows out there anymore. Every time we get something good on to watch they yank it off. DDD is a very funny show.. Please keep it going.