Bones Season 8 Review “The Diamond in the Rough/The Archaeologist in the Cocoon” – Two Episodes, Three Murders

Bones Season 8 Episode 10 & 11 The Diamond in the Rough - The Archaeologist in the Cocoon

In this two-hour mid-season premiere of Bones, featuring two episodes called “The Diamond in the Rough” and “The Archaeologist in the Cocoon” the gang solves three separate murders, two in this century and one from thousands of years ago.

In the first episode, Booth and Brennan go under cover at a dance competition and we find out that Booth used to teach dancing to pay his way through college. That is not something I ever would have guessed in a million years, but once he explained that it was his mother who taught him, it started to make a little more sense.

Meanwhile Angela is still struggling with the fact that she’s an artist but not doing what she loves, so Hodgins and Cam come up with a way for her to have a bit of both worlds. I’m so happy to see them going back to Angela’s artistic roots as we’ve been missing mention of that for a long time now.

Here are my favorite bits from “The Diamond in the Rough”…

Every reaction that Sweets had to watching the paranormal ghost show.

Dangit! They fooled me. I thought we were only going to show us the pretty sparkly body and then they bring in the icky feet. Nicely played show. Nicely played.

“Sayonara. I don’t like feet, even when they’re not falling off.”

“You were a gigolo for 30 bucks an hour.”

“All I heard there is that you want me to get fired.”

Brennan trying to mimic the other dancer, and thinking that she was actually doing the same thing.

Booth giving himself the name “Buck.”

Being both fascinated and kind of horrified by the dancing, sparkly skeleton in the water.

Angela announcing that she was taking her son to a museum to look at beautiful paintings.

“Dancing the Rumba is like foreplay.”

Awww…..about time we got to see baby Michael Vincent again. Such a cutie!

Hodgins asking Angela what she wanted today, not forever, just today.

“Is the whole chase scene a part of their routine?”

“A little of you is better than a lot of anyone else.”

“I don’t know much about dancing, but is it supposed to look like a fist fight?”

Angela being able to find the beauty in Booth and Brennan’s dance.

And now, let’s move on to “The Archaeologist in the Cocoon.” After the fun of the first episode, this one was a bit more serious. The main murder story was unusually sad as it left a grieving widow with an unborn child, but it was the secondary story that really got to me. At first I thought that Clark getting his very own case was just a plot point to challenge Brennan and while it did do that very well, along with teaching her some of the traits that she doesn’t want to pass on to her daughter, it did more than that as well. The depiction of what could have been the world’s very first hate crime was sobering and once again I found myself admiring the writers for including a message to the world in the midst of the rest of their story.

Here are my favorite bits from “The Archaeologist in the Cocoon”…

Brennan and Sweets trying to teach Christine Peek-a-boo.

“I don’t want to hear about Mothman anymore, Dr. Hodgins.”

“Dr. Hodgins can you please get the bugs off my eyes?” – The fact that she was so calm amazed me. I believe my exact reaction to the same situation would be something along the lines of.”Ahhhh! Eewww! Ick!! Get them off!!”

Alright I have to admit it, I did kind of enjoy watching the birds eat the creepy crawlies off of the body.

Brennan licking the bones.

“I’m just saying, is this about the bones or is this about you?”

“Are you actually afraid of Brennan?”
“More than you are of me?”

Sweets acting all excited when Booth sent him off to do his “shrinky thing.”

Feeling sort of bad for Clark when Brennan said she was taking over his bones. That was mean.

The Brennan/Cam fistbump.

Booth refusing to be a part of Clark’s reenactment.

Everybody’s acting skills in the reenactment.

Dangit, how did this show manage to sneak in a tearful moment on me? It was really sweet that the family was found together, but I don’t think I’ll ever get past the fact that the story involved a little girl starving to death. So awful.

Finding out that Brennan gave up her credit for Sutton.

Booth left wondering what his failings are.

What did you think of these two episodes of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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