Banshee Season 1 Review “The Rave”

I did not expect to be saying this, but Banshee actually improved in its second episode. Granted, it didn’t have anywhere to go but up. But, after last week’s crappery, I thought the odds were definitely not in its favor. It’s still not good, but it’s not as bad.

This week, Lucas Hood learned that there was a secret rave planned at an Amish barn where some crazy kids would be doing drugs. Yawn. Like there haven’t been a dozen other “rave gone bad” storylines in a dozen other shows since the mid-1990s. At the rave, there were the requisite glow sticks, fairy wings, pulsating techno, and visually assaulting handheld camera shots. Lucas demonstrated that he is a cop who is not going to be bound by the law and took it upon himself to rough up the drug dealer/organizers of the rave. The interesting part about this otherwise uninteresting scene was the interaction between Lucas and his daughter, Deva. His conversation with her in the car after her boyfriend died and the way in which he watched her run to the man she believes to be her father were touching.

Elsewhere in alleged Amishville, the former-Amish, turned butcher, turned criminal mastermind, Kai Proctor, enjoyed a solitary steak dinner. His attempt to woo Lucas earlier in the episode failed, and now he had to deal with the fallout from the police raid on the rave (where his drugs were being sold). I haven’t decided whether his character is legitimately intimidating or ridiculous. He certainly lacks the gravitas of a Nucky Thompson or Tony Soprano. After he feeds his drug dealer to his dog (you read that right), there is an awkward and extended moment when he stares into the camera and it gets closer and closer to his face. I think it was supposed to be menacing.

Our gratuitous sex for the episode came courtesy of a sexually aggressive girl who looked like she was 14 years old. Lucas can’t resist when she strips off her dress within thirty seconds of introducing herself. The scene was disturbing because she looked so young and because there wasn’t a condom in sight. They should put a box on the nightstand to make the suggestion that condoms are involved. Otherwise, setting aside the creepiness of the age difference, it seems gross – not sexy. If she whips off her clothes that quickly, that should be a sign that she’s probably had sex with the entire town. Ew.

The weakest part of the episode was the appearance by Job. He fled to the Jersey shore to escape the people who tried to kill him in his salon. At a table in the sun, surrounded by seagulls, he looked like something Hot Topic vomited. I think it was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t. Hoon Lee’s delivery is unconvincing and painful on the ears. Hands down the worst moment was when a young girl asked Job if he was wearing a cape. He responded: “It’s Diane von Furstenberg, chica. Shoo, go get pregnant.” Where do I start with this? First, the Diane von Furstenberg line is dated. While still a well-known designer, her trendy high point was about 5 years ago. Second, “chica”? They are in New Jersey not Miami or Southern California. This reference made no sense here. Third, “go get pregnant” was not funny. He then calls her “Snookie.” I hate this character.

You may be wondering in what way Banshee got better. It pared down the storylines so it was at least more focused than last week. But, it’s still a long way to go before I can say it was entertaining.

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