Nikita Season 3 Review “Intersection”

Nikita has been away for far too long, and it’s definitely ready to come back with a bang if this episode, ‘Intersection’, is anything to go by. Considering this week’s adventure was supposed to be the real winter finale before bad scheduling decisions stepped in, there’s absolutely no intention of easing viewers in gently. A big cliffhanger has the potential to change everything for both the mission and Michael and Nikita’s relationship, and we can expect huge fallout.

The team are still dead set on taking Amanda down whatever the cost, and this week’s episode is devoted to saving Sonya from her dangerous position as a nuked-up double agent. Beginning with a dream sequence that realizes Birkoff’s worst fears about Amanda’s ruthlessness with her asset, he decides to let Nikita in on the secret before things turn sour. After learning the truth, the gang decide that the only way to eliminate the threat is to take out their nemesis once and for all.

It’s refreshing to see that this show still refuses to tread water, with Sonya’s secret identity and Alex’s drug problem both unveiled within the first 15-minutes. Other series would think nothing of dragging these plots out for 12-episodes or so, but Nikita seems to have stories to spare and never enough time to tell them. Division decide to use Amanda’s obsession with Nikita against her, staging a fake fight between its members so as to fool her into thinking cracks are beginning to form.

Despite their best efforts to turn Amanda’s intentions against her, however, the mission was not without its casualties. None of our protagonists died, exactly, but Amanda has achieved a victory in that she has caused Nikita deep personal pain. Michael was badly injured in a crash that resulted from their mission so, despite successfully eliminating the threat against Sonya, we now possibly have a one-handed agent – not as efficient and traumatizing to boot. This is how you make a spy-thriller, in other words, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

What did you think of the episode? How will Michael react to his loss? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.