CSI:NY Season 9 Review “Nine Thirteen”

In the latest episode of “CSI: NY,” somewhat cryptically entitled “Nine Thirteen” (come to think of it, so was the episode “Command + P”), we found out what that mystery was early on, when it was revealed that the murder-of-the-ep was committed at The Wentworth Building, with an address that started with the titular numbers. Part of me wondered if this was some sort of dig at the recently axed “666 Park Avenue,” but it was obviously filmed before that show was cancelled, so it’s got to be a coincidence.

Whatever the case, there were some shady goings on at the Wentworth, if not necessarily supernatural-oriented. (Spoiler alert! They weren’t.) Nonetheless, as this was the 37th death that had gone down in that location since the Stock Market Crash of 1929, in which founder Wentworth himself committed suicide when he found out he’d lost everything. His girlfriend followed suit shortly thereafter, and a legend was born: the Wentworth Curse. Supposedly, the couple still roams the halls, looking for fresh meat to recruit. Mission accomplished!

Sort of. As it turned out, this death by swan dive off the building and into a parked cab was no suicide- he was dead before he even hit the ground. Stabbed in the throat with a man-made (or should I say lady-made?) shiv MacGuyver-ed into existence from within a prison cell by a convict with an axe to grind about the vic, a conman named Alex. Alex dressed up as a Steampunk-style version of Wentworth- somewhat ironically, given his ultimate fate of falling off the building- and would pose for pictures with passers-by and guests of the building. Then, while the pics were being taken, he’d rob the patrons blind, pick-pocketing whatever he could.

It seems that he used to have a girlfriend that did it with him, or rather, one who posed for pictures alongside him, often as the likes of Marilyn Monroe, for instance. While she was distracting them, he was stealing from them- only she didn’t know that, and when he sent her to pick up a bag of stolen stuff he had stashed, she was caught with it and had to go to jail for theft. He abandoned her there and she’d been plotting revenge ever since.

Of course, as the woman in question was played by the delectable Laura Vandervoort of “Smallville” and “V” fame, what a moron this guy was. I’m not saying he deserved it, but any guy that lets his girl take the fall for something he did like that is a total D-bag at the very least, and this guy was certainly that. It was fun seeing the erstwhile Supergirl and Lizard Queen in different guises, including a short brown cropped hair do. Alas, she could have used her superpowers in the big chase at the station, where she bit it as she tried leap over a brochure rack in a single bound. Whoops!

Caught by the CSI gang, she expressed not even a little regret. This was one girl who clearly knew exactly what she had set out to accomplish and, having done so, was more than happy to serve her time for doing the crime. We’re talking no remorse whatsoever, and vacant eyesthe devil’s eyes. She and Mona Vanderwaal should get together and do a show called Vandervoort and Vanderwaal, Murderesses for Hire.

Meanwhile, we had a nice bit of business involving Jo, who was being seemingly stalked by a sketchy-looking-at-first-glance younger man. It was actually someone she’d never met, but he knew her from Alabama, where she went to college- Roll Tide! (Sorry- it’s where I’m from, too!) Seems that he was the recipient of a very special heart transplant. The minute he confesses, Jo knows. This man is sporting her late sister’s heart. Wanting to thank someone for her loss being his gain, and with him literally owing his life to Jo’s sister, he’d sought out Jo after doing some minor-league sleuthing to figure out who had died the night he got his heart transplant. Jo was overwhelmed at first, but warmed to him, especially after noticing a few similarities between him and her sis, who died at the hands of a drunk driver.

It was a pretty heartfelt plotline, and I liked it, even if it had nothing to do with the main plot at hand. I’m mostly digging this newfound emphasis on character-driven stories, and I especially liked this one, though Dr. Sid’s was touching as well, if even sadder than this episode. This one also had the benefit of good news, in that Lindsay discovered she was expecting. The guys from the office even had a running bet on it, which was funny.

All in all, a pretty solid entry of “CSI: NY.” What did you think? Are you happy for Lindsay or is it an unnecessary plot device? Did you get a kick out of seeing Vandervoort in femme fatale mode? Would you totally watch Vandervoort and Vanderwaal, Murderesses for Hire? Let me know in the comments!