The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “After School Special” — Becky’s Back!

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 After School Special (1)

This week saw The Vampire Diaries return to our screens with ‘After School Special’, in which nothing new really happens. Elena admits that she’s ‘in love’ with Damon and only ‘loves’ Stefan, though the truthfulness of this claim may be somewhat unreliable given the sire bond. Rebekah came back (with brother Kol) to try and find out the location of the vampirism cure; she hopes to use it against Klaus. Some of the Scrappy gang run around the halls of the school in an attempt to get away from Scary Thing of the Week (this time Tyler). And Bonnie, naturally, gets calmed down after her claims of ‘you’re making me do black magic’ — by Prof Shane making pretty eyes at her.

All in all, the usual TVD fare.

It’s all starting to get a bit old, really. Graduation was mentioned this week, which presumably means that this is the final season in which ‘let’s run around the halls while something is after us’ is a viable plot device, and thank god for that. Rebekah’s been around a long time — surely she could have found a more scenic setting to carry out her totes evil plan of making Stefan feel bad. One would imagine that if she dislikes the Scrappys so much she would just pick them off with her own two hands; she could have killed Elena, Caroline and Stefan in this episode after she got them alone. It would have saved us from yet another inappropriately timed chat about love and heartbreak. Doesn’t Elena get that those conversations aren’t really appropriate when you’re trying to stop your hybrid friend from killing you?

Rebekah’s plan to use Tyler to kill them was interesting, if nothing else. Have we seen a hybrid being compelled by a vampire before? I was under the assumption that if Tyler was strong enough to break his sire bond with Klaus, he’d be too strong for a mere vampire to compel, but apparently not. It feels a bit anticlimactic; if I were her and wanted revenge on Klaus, I’d just compel all his hybrids to kill each other just to piss him off.

The low point of the episode actually came courtesy of Bonnie. After almost killing April (I was SO hoping she was dead!) while trying to save Prof Shane’s life, Bonnie was understandably upset. That’s the only explanation I can imagine for this doozy of a line:

“My father just became mayor; I can’t be out doing black magic.”

That’s the best argument against black magic that you can come up with after four seasons, Bonnie? Wow.

The only part of this episode that I actually liked — aside from Damon telling Elena ‘Come to me’, which was ridiculously hot, even if I’m so tired of the love triangle drama — was Jeremy et al. Klaus’ plan to create a bunch of vampires and have Jeremy slaughter them was crude but effective. It’s just a shame we might not get to see Jeremy going berserk in the bar — unless the next episode picks up directly after this one — because that would have been a sight to behold.

Overall, this episode was nothing we haven’t seen before, and we learned nothing that wasn’t glaring obvious in past episodes. It’s a shame. On the bright side, here’s hoping Rebekah may bring a little ripper out of Stefan in episodes to come…

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