The Office Season 9 Review “Suit Warehouse”

The Office Season 9 Episode 11 Suit Warehouse (9)

On the latest episode of “The Office,” Dwight was looking to reunite with his role-playing office pseudo-pal Jim to seal a deal with the “Suit Warehouse,” who was looking for a new paper supplier. Oh yes, there was a montage, my favorite of the bunch being Jim & Dwight Shrupert, leather-clad bikers who rode on the same motorcycle together – I smell a “Sons of Anarchy” cameo! I also rather enjoyed the completely unnecessary and hilarious revelation that Jim’s “character” was a “closeted foot fetishist pretending to belong.” LOL.

Alas, Jim was busy holding down the Philly front, eagerly awaiting a visit from Darryl, who was coming into town for an interview at Jim’s start-up company. (Hate that we didn’t get to see “Handsome & Stinky” in action.) So, Dwight was forced to look elsewhere for a co-conspirator, finally settling on Clark, who was back from being manhandled by Jan.

Clark: “Women reach their sexual peak at whatever age Jan was last week. It was like making love with a wild animal…but not a cougar, like you might think. It was like a swarm of bees.”

Dwight and Clark assumed the natural roles of father and son, hoping to reel in the clients, who were the same. At first they played nice with one another, reveling in their adventures together, trying to show their intense comradeship.

Clark: “My dad is, like, the best hunter there is. I mean, he’s like a serial killer, but with animals.”
(Dwight’s physical mannerisms and self-produced sound effects of him faux-slitting a deer’s throat were hilariously over-the-top.)

That kind of thing wasn’t gonna fly when Dwight realized there was animosity between the real-life father and son. His son had pushed him out of the boss’ chair and he didn’t have any control over the boy anymore. Dwight signaled Clark to play their relationship as far less than perfect and they tried to curry favor that way.

Dwight, on his son’s lack of skill with women: “His last girlfriend was a transvestite. I knew it right away…Adam’s apple like the prow of a ship, thumbs like a lowland gorilla– but this one couldn’t see it, or didn’t want to see it.”

Things only got more ludicrous and hilarious from there, as Dwight confessed that his son used to “collect” kitty litter.

Dwight: “Glistening brown morsels tumbling from every pouch in his trousers…following the cat around on his knees, with his hands cupped beneath its tail, going (imitating Oliver Twist) “Please kitty, may I have some more?” Cue the son: “Got cat-turd collector written all over him.”

When Clark realized that the son actually had the power over pop, he promptly sided with the son and turned the tables on his “dad.” Agreeing to get fitted for a suit in hopes of helping land the account, he cracks on Dwight’s suit choice, when Dwight ribs him about potentially looking like a made man.

Clark: “That’s better than looking like the undertaker from Boring Island.”
Dwight: “That place doesn’t exist. It’s not a documented island. Cartograph much?”

Dwight actually likes the cut of Clark’s jib and compliments him, opting to get a suit as well, which seals the deal. Dwight later confesses that it was he that was the cat turd collector all along: “Each one is like a snowflake.” Heartwarming stuff, I tell you.

Meanwhile, Darryl was getting worked up about the interview with Jim’s start-up. Seeing it only amped him up more, as it reminded D of a certain guy played by Jesse Eisenberg.

Dwight: “You got a real Facebook energy going down. You really Zuckerberg-ed this place out…if this company is going down, I want to go down on it.”

The interview does not go well, even after he almost gives up and everyone seeks to put his mind at ease, pointing out that they used to work in jobs just like Darryl’s once upon a time, too. He subsequently impresses, but then gets a little overly cocky and tries to sink a basketball goal that’s hanging up in the smallish office. The ball misses, knocks over a lamp into the fish tank, and fries the fish dead! He shoots, he…totally screws the pooch. Or the fish.

Astonishingly enough, they hire him anyway- but he still has to reimburse them for the poor fish. Darryl can live with that, and cue the “Everybody Dance Now,” with Pam backing him up, albeit reluctantly. It seems that she didn’t quite get the memo that she and Jim and the fam would almost inevitably end up moving to Philly soon.

She’s clearly not thrilled by this revelation, but I think eventually she’ll be onboard. It makes good story sense, especially with the show winding things down. I can see the finale revolving around this transition for Jim, Pam, and Darryl, who will all be moving on. Where everyone else ends up remains to be determined. (Start your predictions below!)

Meanwhile, back at the office, Erin has been left in charge of the arrival of a box of pens and, my friends, sh*t just got real up in there. Going from zero-to-“Shining” over the course of a single day- clearly brought on by recent events with Pete- Erin was sent reeling into Panic Island, which totally does exist, man! I know, because I was there. When the stuff went down…oops sorry, having a ‘Nam flashback…okay, where were we?… Erin! She’s purty.

Things were almost under control, but then the gang went rogue, having a mass taste test of the flavors offered up by their brand spanking new espresso machine. With this element of massive amounts of caffeine injected into a huge amount of people, things were bound to get scary, and boy, did they ever. Next thing you know, people are ripping up the floor to expose the hardwood floor en masse sweating bullets like crazy people. Loved it. Classic “Office” high jinks and one for the inevitable clip show, to be sure.

I liked these last few episodes of “The Office” a great deal. After a bit of a slow start, IMHO, they have gotten into the groove. I will miss them more than I thought initially going into this final season. That’s good. It would have been sad if the last season had been running on fumes by the end. Though I think it was to wrap things up, it does seem more like they’re headed in the right direction for the big finale. I just hope they don’t get carried away with a bunch of gratuitous cameos. We should go out the way we came in, spending time with a unique and funny group of individuals.

Although, they haven’t revealed who the camera people are…another prediction! I’m gonna go with Ricky Gervais. That would be pretty cool, and if anyone has a good reason to cameo, it would be him. I would be okay with that, although he’s been on there before, playing a character, so there’s that. Maybe he could be the one funding this insane never-ending documentary. What do you think?

More fun lines:

Dwight, faking a conversation with Jim, who hung up on him: “Yes, I am better than you. Thanks for acknowledging that.”

Pam, on Jim: “I love the guy, but he’s basically Gumby with hair.”

Stanley, lamenting that he didn’t get through all the coffee flavors: “I didn’t get a chance to try them all because Creed threw my Bogota Sunrise in the plant.”
Creed: “I saw the leaves twitch!”

Erin, on the state of the office, post-caffeine binge: “You left me in charge of the pens, Pam. That’s what happens. The pens happened.”
Pam, looking around: “Are the pens here?”

Loved the stuff with Dwight and Clark, and the episode all around was one of the best this season. What did you think? Sound off below!