Haven Season 3 Review “Reunion” and “Thanks for the Memories”

The long awaited final two episodes of Haven’s third season finally aired this week on Syfy. In a night of back to back Haven, we got both “Reunion” and “Thanks for the Memories.”

“Reunion” felt like your standard Trouble-of-the-week episode with some development in the season long story arc sprinkled in. I found the high school reunion setting to be fun, especially considering that Nathan and Duke had a high school history while Audrey’s high school life was – and remains – a mystery. While the deaths in Haven were no laughing matter, I got a good laugh out of seeing Duke as a young high school kid, and I enjoyed getting a better idea of what the guys were like before all the mess in Haven.

The juiciest material in “Reunion” really came from the plot surrounding Skinwalker Arla’s story line which naturally continued through to the finale. During Vince and Dave’s interrogation, she revealed that there was another way to stop the Troubles without Audrey having to go into the barn. She seemed to know more about the whole process than anyone in Haven did and I was eager to know more.

The reveal that Arla’s serial killings were motivated purely by her desire to be reunited with James while looking like her normal self was a little disappointing, but that might just have been because I was hoping for a much more supernatural explanation for her involvement in Audrey’s story line. After hearing Arla’s explanation of what happened between her, James, and Lucy the last time the Barn appeared to end the Troubles, I found myself even more confused about what really happened and about who really knew the most about how the Barn operates.

In “Thanks for the Memories” Agent Howard confirmed that Audrey had two options to end the Troubles. She could either disappear in the barn for 27 years and temporarily keep the Troubles at bay for Haven, or she could kill someone she loved and end the Troubles forever. Assuming that Howard was telling the truth, Arla’s story about what happened between Lucy, James, and her doesn’t seem all that far fetched. Audrey told James that there was no way that Lucy would have tried to kill him, but if that’s true, the old question still remains… who killed the Colorado Kid? Or at least, who attempted to kill the Colorado Kid? Although Arla had no qualms about killing people to wear their skin so she could be with James, she had always been so in love with James that she probably wouldn’t have tried to kill him herself. Lucy saved him by bringing him into the barn with her, but could that have been after trying to kill him and immediately regretting it? Lucy seems to have talked about her two options with James enough for him to be able to tell Audrey about it when he met her in the present. No one has Lucy’s memories, so can she be absolutely sure that she wasn’t guilty of attempting to save Haven that way that in the past?

Naturally, most of the town was interested in what Audrey was going to choose. Dwight, Jordan, Vince, Dave, and The Guard all made their way to the Barn to watch the events unfold. The mystery behind Dave and Vince’s personal opinions about Audrey’s role in Haven finally became clear with the huge reveal that Vince was the man behind The Guard while Dave was still determined to find a way to save Audrey from her fate.

I really liked seeing Sarah with a young Vince and Dave and watching them all act a little bit like the trio we’re familiar with in the present. I do have to say that Audrey was much cooler about seeing Nathan and Sarah getting it on than I would have been. Personally, I’d imagine it to be a lot like catching my beau hooking up with an identical twin sister who I was separated from at birth. As much as Audrey and Sarah are physically the same person, I’ve never been able to consider Audrey, Sarah, and Lucy to be the same people emotionally – they’ve loved different people, had different experiences, lived different lives. Nathan was back in that time for only a day or two, but he wasted no time in hooking up with a girl that looked like the woman he was in love with, but wasn’t exactly her. What might be the most frustrating part of the whole scenario is that Nathan and Sarah shared an experience that Audrey and Nathan might never be able to share. Audrey has no memory of that romantic afternoon of making babies with Nathan, and that makes me feel a little bit bad for her.

Back at the Barn, Audrey asked Howard if she was being punished, and Howard casually responded “it does seem that way, yes.” The Troubles are powered by Audrey’s suffering – she returns to Haven to “recharge,” to fall in love only to suffer when she either has to freely choose to leave her love, or to kill the person she loves. It makes me wonder how far in history Audrey’s curse goes, what “Agent Howard’s” role in the original curse was, and what she was being punished for in the first place.

Nathan got quite the farewell kiss before Audrey escaped into the Barn, while Duke was pretty firmly friend-zoned (although their farewell was touching in its own way.) Regardless of the role they play in Audrey’s heart, neither Nathan or Duke are willing to let the Barn have the final say and I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with to simultaneously soothe Haven’s Troubles while keeping Audrey in their lives.