Grey’s Anatomy “The End is the Beginning is the End” Season 9 Review – All About the Cookies

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 11 The End is the Beginning is the End (1)
This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy picked up a month after Bailey’s nuptials last week. The newlyweds were back from their honeymoon. Christina and Owen are happily divorced. Richard is still mourning Adele. Derek’s hand is rehabilitating and Meredith was safely through her first trimester. Arizona has ditched her cane. Surprisingly, Jackson is still sleeping with Stephanie and Alex and Joe appear to just be friends.

It turns out that divorce was the best thing that could have ever happened to Christina and Owen. They’re affectionate, supportive and more open than they ever were as a married couple. I like this couple a lot and enjoyed seeing them in a much better place.

Dr. Weber was fraught with guilt over Adele’s death and as a result, has placed distance between himself and Catherine. He rejected her cookies! Oh Dr. Weber. don’t you know that Debbie Allen makes everything better?

I continue to grow tired of the April/Jackson drama. The situation has become worse with Jackson now sleeping with Stephanie, as April pines for him. Once again, we have a poorly concealed relationship between resident and attending. This will not end well for any of the parties involved. My bet is that Stephanie is going to end up as major collateral damage in this doomed triangle.

Not only was Derek working through his post-surgery rehab, he was also working through some serious resentment issues. With a little help from Christina and Callie, the two appear to be back on track.

At long last, the verdict was in on the doctors’ lawsuit. The court found the hospital negligent and awarded $15 million to each of them. The announcement does not provide an ounce of catharsis to anyone except Callie, who wanted to celebrate have dinner with the group. The dinner led to one of the night’s best moments as Callie mourned the loss of Mark and Lexie, but expressed her gratitude that Christina, Derek, Arizona and Meredith survived. Callie’s appreciation for life gave the Meredith the push she needed to finally tell everyone that not only was she pregnant, she was happy. Nice.

Of course, it wasn’t a good day for everyone at Seattle Grace. The insurance company found a way out of paying the claim and now the $90 million tab is on the hospital. After seeing Owen deal with budget reductions, it was no surprise that the hospital was in no position to pay. I really wish someone other than Owen was left to take the blame for this debacle.

Things I loved about this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy . . .

Bailey’s stripper pole, vajazzled patient.

Ross and Derek’s ping pong bonding.

Christina standing up for Owen.

Kudos to the writers for the vivid depiction of Bailey’s sand sex debacle. That was amazing and a noteworthy cautionary tale.

Learning that Sloan taught his patient how to pick up girls. I miss Mark too, Callie.

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