The Neighbors Season 1 Review “Cold War” – To Sneeze or Not to Sneeze

The Neighbors Episode 12 Cold War (5)

The Neighbors dealt with the common cold with “Cold War.” Seeing how we’re going to be moving into February, people are probably gearing up for their annual winter/spring cold (like me!) and this episode kind of only served to make me a little apprehensive about what I’m about to experience later on. But aside from my apprehensions, this was a pretty good episode!

The Weavers are down with the Common Cold. Everyone’s got their own ways of dealing with the cold–Amber locks herself in her room and is treated like a savage beast, Abby craves bloody meat, Max has to watch “The Rainbow Connection” non-stop, Marty asks like a baby, and poor Debbie has to take care of everyone, even though she’s just as sick as everyone.

Meanwhile, the Bird-Kersees are splintering a little; Larry wants to do the Zabvronian tradition of quarantine. But, Jackie has the urge to fulfill her need to nurture and Reggie (more on him later) feels the urge to defeat the cold and save his beloved Amber.

The Neighbors Episode 12 Cold War (8)

Like I said above, I thought this was a pretty good episode. I really like how the show is advancing the storyline by having different character interactions, solidifying the characterizations more, injecting bolder humor (keep in mind, this is a mild show, so by “bolder,” I mean it relatively to the show) and getting us more involved in this zany world. Some things I really liked were:

Reggie and Dick: It’s been a while since we’ve seen ol’ Reggie Jackson. We’ve seen that the writers have gotten really comfortable writing for Dick, so now it’s only right that they start getting comfortable writing for Reggie. I think the storyline they gave him this week was right on point. Not only did we get to see Reggie and Dick interacting (which is surprisingly rare on this show, even though they’re brothers), but we got to see how much of a softie Reggie really is. I mean, we knew that before, but it seems like he’s gotten some more “oomph” somewhere. Reggie also brings out the humanity in “I hate everyone” Amber. It’s always good to see Amber acting like a human whenever we can get it, so let’s all thank Reggie and the custodian (played by Office Space star Richard Riehle) for bringing Amber out of her prickly shell.

Larry as a prude: In real life, I probably wouldn’t be the closest to Larry, but for some reason, I do like mean prudes when they’re characters on television. It’s fun to see Larry, who still wants to retain all of his Zabvronian culture at the risk of being close-minded, slowly loosen up and learn to accept the strange American culture he has to accept.

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More Zabvronians! Whenever we see more of the Zabvronian clan, it’s great. I like that some of these background characters are getting more in the foreground. It makes the show feel more like a unit, if that makes sense. Instead of having parts that aren’t put together, the parts are slowly congealing together to become a unit. Not sure if that explained it any better either, but what I’m trying to say is that having talking secondary characters is almost a necessity for a show (or a film, for that matter) and when we get that, we get a rounder picture of the world we’re viewing.

So that’s it for this week! I’ve got to get my tea and blankets ready; it’s about to be cold season, and I don’t want to be caught without my supplies.