Supernatural Season 8 Review “Torn and Frayed” – Sam and Dean Make Huge Sacrifices

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 10 Torn and Frayed

In this episode of Supernatural, one angel is kidnapped, another angel begins to discover a startling truth, and the boys give each other the biggest sacrifices they ever have.

So how about that hilarious feel-good ending we got in this episode, folks? Wasn’t that just a laugh-riot? Oh wait, that’s the exact opposite of what it was. I was so in shock during the last minute of this episode, I still can’t really put a name to the feelings it evoked in me. If I had to quantify what I felt, it would be a combination of things such as sadness, horror, dismay, shame and other not-so-fun feelings. Actually, I think the best way to describe it is to borrow the show’s title, because “torn and frayed” sounds pretty accurate to me.

Sam and Dean decided to put their relationship above everything else and in doing so, both of them made a huge sacrifice for the other. Now, I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to care as much that Sam gave up Amelia. Maybe it’s because his relationship with her means him giving up the life of a hunter and I don’t want that. But Dean dropping Benny and leaving his friend alone during a time of need hit me so much harder. That is so not like Dean and I hate that he felt that he had to do it.

In a way, it felt like the writers were sending a message at the end of this episode. Like they were saying to all the fans that do nothing except demand that Sam and Dean stay together every single moment of their lives, “See? They both gave up something and are back together again. Are you happy now??”

No, I am most certainly not happy, but then again I was never someone who demanded that either. I just hope that we’re on a way to fixing all of this soon.

I just realized I’ve gone on and on about Sam and Dean, but I haven’t gotten into the other huge storylines, such as the discovery of an angel tablet, the fact that the control over Castiel is even more sinister and evil than we imagined (bleeding eyes! He killed another angel!) and the fact that this tablet war just got even bigger. It’s amazing to me that the storyline of this season just keeps getting larger, but it definitely grew another couple notches with this episode. Thank goodness it looks like we’re going to get something lighter next week though, because I think after this one, we’re all going to need a few laughs.

My favorite bits..

The look of fear on Samandriel’s face when he heard the footsteps coming. His facial expressions throughout the whole episode where terrifyingly real, as were his screams. It was hard to watch.

Still not understanding Sam’s complete hatred for Benny. I seem to recall Sam being okay with possibly killing Gordon when he was going after a vampire that Sam found friendly.

Castiel healing that baby. So freaking sweet.

Dean freaking out, again, when waking up to find Cas standing over him. You’d think at some point he’d get used to it.

Dean slamming his laptop shut and telling Cas that he most certainly did NOT see on it.

“Are you serious?” “That’s his serious face, yes.”

Kinda wanting to see Dean and Cas hit the beer-and-bacon happy hour.

Dean testing to see if Kevin was listening by saying that his mom was hot.

Cas managing to scare the piss out of Sam. Nice to know that it’s not just Dean who freaks out when an angel pops up out of the blue.

Cas ordering Sam and Dean to stow their crap. Yes! My love for him grew even more in that moment.

The musical score that played as Sam and Dean infiltrated Crowley’s temporary lair.

Samandriel’s screams triggering memories in Cas of his own torture and his own screams. Wow.

Considering what we just saw, I knew it was going to happen, but it still came as a bit of a shock when Cas killed poor Samandriel.

Sam and Dean noticing the blood coming from Castiel’s eye. Sooooo creepy.

Dean calling up Benny to basically dump him and leave him to deal with his troubles on his own. What? I mean, seriously, WHAT???

Not really knowing how to feel about that ending. The boys were together again,

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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