Supernatural Season 8 Review “Torn and Frayed” – Sam and Dean Make Huge Sacrifices

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 10 Torn and Frayed

In this episode of Supernatural, one angel is kidnapped, another angel begins to discover a startling truth, and the boys give each other the biggest sacrifices they ever have.

So how about that hilarious feel-good ending we got in this episode, folks? Wasn’t that just a laugh-riot? Oh wait, that’s the exact opposite of what it was. I was so in shock during the last minute of this episode, I still can’t really put a name to the feelings it evoked in me. If I had to quantify what I felt, it would be a combination of things such as sadness, horror, dismay, shame and other not-so-fun feelings. Actually, I think the best way to describe it is to borrow the show’s title, because “torn and frayed” sounds pretty accurate to me.

Sam and Dean decided to put their relationship above everything else and in doing so, both of them made a huge sacrifice for the other. Now, I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to care as much that Sam gave up Amelia. Maybe it’s because his relationship with her means him giving up the life of a hunter and I don’t want that. But Dean dropping Benny and leaving his friend alone during a time of need hit me so much harder. That is so not like Dean and I hate that he felt that he had to do it.

In a way, it felt like the writers were sending a message at the end of this episode. Like they were saying to all the fans that do nothing except demand that Sam and Dean stay together every single moment of their lives, “See? They both gave up something and are back together again. Are you happy now??”

No, I am most certainly not happy, but then again I was never someone who demanded that either. I just hope that we’re on a way to fixing all of this soon.

I just realized I’ve gone on and on about Sam and Dean, but I haven’t gotten into the other huge storylines, such as the discovery of an angel tablet, the fact that the control over Castiel is even more sinister and evil than we imagined (bleeding eyes! He killed another angel!) and the fact that this tablet war just got even bigger. It’s amazing to me that the storyline of this season just keeps getting larger, but it definitely grew another couple notches with this episode. Thank goodness it looks like we’re going to get something lighter next week though, because I think after this one, we’re all going to need a few laughs.

My favorite bits..

The look of fear on Samandriel’s face when he heard the footsteps coming. His facial expressions throughout the whole episode where terrifyingly real, as were his screams. It was hard to watch.

Still not understanding Sam’s complete hatred for Benny. I seem to recall Sam being okay with possibly killing Gordon when he was going after a vampire that Sam found friendly.

Castiel healing that baby. So freaking sweet.

Dean freaking out, again, when waking up to find Cas standing over him. You’d think at some point he’d get used to it.

Dean slamming his laptop shut and telling Cas that he most certainly did NOT see on it.

“Are you serious?” “That’s his serious face, yes.”

Kinda wanting to see Dean and Cas hit the beer-and-bacon happy hour.

Dean testing to see if Kevin was listening by saying that his mom was hot.

Cas managing to scare the piss out of Sam. Nice to know that it’s not just Dean who freaks out when an angel pops up out of the blue.

Cas ordering Sam and Dean to stow their crap. Yes! My love for him grew even more in that moment.

The musical score that played as Sam and Dean infiltrated Crowley’s temporary lair.

Samandriel’s screams triggering memories in Cas of his own torture and his own screams. Wow.

Considering what we just saw, I knew it was going to happen, but it still came as a bit of a shock when Cas killed poor Samandriel.

Sam and Dean noticing the blood coming from Castiel’s eye. Sooooo creepy.

Dean calling up Benny to basically dump him and leave him to deal with his troubles on his own. What? I mean, seriously, WHAT???

Not really knowing how to feel about that ending. The boys were together again,

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • ptjackson

    I really like how Cas is tarting to pick up the boys expressions and manner of speaking, but not quite. It is kind of like watching Ziva on NCIS try to use colloquialisms.

    I’m so unsure, after reading your review, about how I feel about the ending. I have to admit I was very happy to see the boys together again – it tears me up when they are fighting and apart, but I also understand your point about Benny. So, I guess I am seriously conflicted….

    And yep, can’t wait for the lighter moments next week….

  • Michelle Martins

    I agree that ending was kind of dark. We got what we wanted but they showed us the price it came at. This Naomi ‘angel’ ahhh i really don’t like her which means I can’t wait to find out more about her. Now that Cas has regained one memory are the flood gates open? Is he going to remember anything else? as always Supernatural draws me in and I can’t wait until the next episode.

    I think that Benny is going to turn after all you can only fight nature for so long and Dean is going to shed a tear as he kills him which he will have to do

    • ptjackson

      I have the same questions as you, and that would be awful for Dean, but typical for the show…..

  • annabla

    This season has been great so far but this episode really disappointed me. It went back to same repetitive storyline of “every single character must die” and “everyone loses everything” and oh of course let’s give Cas more pain by killing an innocent brother. This episode was exhausting. I was hoping that after seeing Samandriel being tortured over and over again, Cas would at least save him and bring something good. But wow it ended the worst way possible. And if you think the fact that the brothers ended up together in the end is good, think again. They were miserable, it felt wrong. I get that this is Supernatural and this is what happens, pain all around and stuff, but can we have something good on this show for a change? It gets REALLY exhausting to watch otherwise.

    • Lor Te

      I feel the same

  • I love your review, I don’t understand how some of the fans didn’t get the message that the ending was sending: Yes, Sam&Dean are finally together, but for what price? They had to give up again on their lifes as individuals and this codependency thing is getting really unhealthy. I wish fans would respect them as individuals too.

  • Rachel

    I totally agree. This episode was really weak in parts. On another note, I really wanna see Amelia and Benny again. It’s obvious that they are going to try to make Benny a villain, which sucks but I still have faith in Edlund and Carver. Also I am hoping to see more of Castiel because at this point, seriously, he is one of the reasons I watch SPN (and to be honest, the most important one). I loved the Dean/Cas moments of the episode and when Dean saved his brother, that was one of my favorite scenes.

  • Rachel

    I also wanted to say that if Dean ends up killing Benny, it’s gonna be one of the most cliche plotlines in the history of plotlines, please.

  • Shinmaya

    Thank you for your review. I really-really hope that the writers were really sending the mentioned message to those who were saying ‘the show’s supposed to be about the two brothers’. so I hope that finally the Winchesters will let themselves at least hope for happiness.

  • Nice review, and I agree about the ending. If you are right, then hopefully this means the writers are sending a message, that Sam and Dean alone is wrong…and the writers’ end game is for there to be no more isolation. I just hate that inorder to send that message they got rid of Benny.

  • Your review is the best one I’ve read so far. Thank you.

  • Lor Te

    Perfect review.

    The episode was too painful for me, and knowing we will not see Cas in next episodes makes me really sad.

  • Kay

    The ending was just plain depressing. Two adult men with precious little in common, stuck in a joyless place, not even a friendship allowed for Dean – I was seriously questioning why I should care to watch such a misery-inducing show? Dumping Benny left me incredulous, and all the angel torture felt tastelessly gratuitous. Also, Castiel is made to suffer again, and sent off into the unknown for who knows how many episodes, so that Sam and Dean can be together with no other “extra-marital” interference. This episode plumbed the depths.

  • Man I just found this show I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before now I’ve missed so much I just don’t watch regular tv. Now I’m pissed . Now someone said its gone to be over. I just started watching it on TNT . They r showing three episodes a day.then on Wednesday I watch it on the cw so I get four shows that day it’s awesome. I can’t get enough of this show . I’m trying to catch up and watch some online but its hard to play them I’m not real good at computers . Man do they go around to meet the fans . Does anyone know why the impala has ohio tags most of the time well I live in Columbus oh . If anyone knows about them being in ohio please tell me . Lol it would be cool if fans could have a spot on the show.

    • ptjackson

      So far, no talk of the show ending.

      The boys do appear at conventions around the US regularly. Just Google search Creation Conventions.

  • Aldienz

    Watching alot of this episodes lately has the same feel…..wait because they’re recycled much like in real life where same day more or less just different day of circumstances. The build up in these hmm ok demon world and angel world locked away forever hmm that’s interesting. Ok so far no statement on the impact of what that means for the world we assume that it’s ok to seal away the prisons of hell forever but does that mean that when dead souls will no longer be sent to heaven or hell should they close the doors. Who is this mysterious angel woman manipulating Cas and making him do strange things and how does she have the power to stroll right past leviathans and yank people out? Wait i forgot Dean has a what he considers a brother and turned his back on yet another brother. I smell more torment and guilt coming from Dean next episode or two. Ok by this point Sam and Dean have done just about everything and lost everyone and the fact that he’s not killed himself already is strange. Seriously how many people can you lose to a war before everyones like I can’t take this anymore dude would be near a break down or past just one watching everyone die in a nightmare every year. Of course it’s back to the angel, demon dance off again. it’s repetitious any more I like the realism and all but it’s started slow even with a cliffhanger build and the wick just seems to be dowsed a ways down as well. Ironically I was happy with Sam jumping in the pit and gone for good Dean gets married and lives his life somehow or another. Atleast after all of that there was a my life is crap but I’ve got a good life kind of ending not my life is misery and from there shall get worse. Just my opinion