‘Suits’ Interviews: The Cast Discusses Rest of Season 2

Paley: An Evening with €œSuits

Suits Season 2 returns on tonight, January 17th, with its mid-season premiere called “Blindsided.” The series celebrated its return by getting its very own night at Paley Center for Media this week, and TV Equals was there to find out what’s coming up on the show the rest of the season.

Check out interviews below with the cast, including Gabriel Macht (“Harvey Specter”), Patrick J. Adams (“Mike Ross”), Rick Hoffman (“Louis Litt”), Gina Torres (“Jessica Pearson”), Sarah Rafferty (“Donna Paulsen”), Meghan Markle (“Rachel Zane”), as well as creator Aaron Korsh. They talk about the emotional journeys coming up for nearly every character in the last six episodes of season 2.

Don’t forget to watch the season 2 mid-season premiere on tonight, January 17 at 10pm on USA Network.

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