Nashville Season 1 Review “I’m Sorry for You, My Friend” – Red Lips, White Lies

Nashville (ABC) Episode 10 I'm Sorry for You, My Friend (10)
Rayna and Juliette kicked off their tour in “I’m Sorry for You, My Friend,” this week’s episode of Nashville, but not without a fair bit of drama…which is exactly what I wanted. How could there not be drama with Juliette around. The girl’s a walking train wreck.

After leaving her husband at the altar, Juliette tried to throw herself into the tour while waiting for the divorce papers to be finalized, but her Tebow wanted to make the marriage disappear altogether. I’d imagine it’s easier to re-virginize after an an annulment than a divorce. At first, Juliette dug her heels in and refused, but something (and I have no idea what as it was never fully explained to us) changed her mind and she granted him the annulment. A rare moment of humanity? If so, it’s unlikely she’ll do it again as instead of thanking her, the football lug managed to grievously insult on her on his way out the door. Keep it classy, Tebow-lite!

Meanwhile, Rayna was having trouble keeping a guitarist as they all lacked the ability to be Deacon; she ended up convincing Liam to help her out for the first three concerts, but she couldn’t get him into a pair of boots. He did get into a fight with Juliette over her diva ‘tude which makes him both me and Rayna’s favorite guy. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that those sort of sparks might create a hate-sex flame between him and Juliette.

Gunnar and Scarlett took a trip to Texas; Scarlett had tickets to Deacon’s show, but Gunnar went to greet his brother as he got out of prison. Eight years earlier, he’d tried to get Gunnar to go along with an armed robbery, but his little brother was smart enough not to do it. So he sold Gunnar’s guitar for a gun, fully prepared to break parole. At least Gunnar might get a song out of it.

Scarlett might, too, as she was nearly raped by Deacon’s d-bag lead singer friend who was so jealous over Deacon getting attention that he tried to take it out on his niece. Needless to say, after a good punch, Deacon quit, which will free him up to join the big tour…and put him right into the middle of the Rayna-Juliette triangle again.

As for Avery, well, he’s proving to be just as dumb as we all knew he was when he picked his manager over Scarlett. Instead of listening to the woman’s advice (which was good advice, even if it was delivered post-coitus), he signed a bad contract with a shady dude in order to get immediate gratification. How long until he realizes his mistake? I’m guessing no more than a few episodes.

Back in Nashville, it was election day, but the polls were too close to call. Lamar offered to buy votes for Teddy, but he shot his father-in-law down, wanting to win on his own merit. Well, he did, at least if you trust that Lamar was telling the truth at the victory party. I tend to think that if votes were bought, it wasn’t Lamar doing the buying, but Rayna’s sister, Tandy. She’s proven herself to be a chip off her father’s block.

As for Teddy, he was glad that Rayna made it home in time for the election, but not so glad that he didn’t almost kiss Peggy when she showed up at his hotel room to congratulate him. I think Teddy is basically a good guy deep down, but if he doesn’t want to be with Rayna anymore, let her go. It doesn’t seem like she wants to be with him either. And the kids are pretty adjusted; they’ll be fine.

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